Megadeth-Killing Is My Business…(And Business Is Good) : Must Own Heavy Metal/Hard Rock Albums 

Must Own Heavy Metal/Hard Rock Albums : 

Artist : Megadeth

Album : Killing Is My Business…(And Business Is Good)

Released : June 12, 1985

M.M. Album Rating : 4/5 (The Redemption Of Dave Mustaine) 

In my humble (very humble) opinion the early 1980s story of Dave Mustaine should be told to every High School student. At a time when you’re supposed to decide what you want to do for the rest of your life, it seems like there is no chance for failure, or making mistakes. Well as Dave’s life proves nothing could be further from the truth, because if anyone had a reason to be a loser it was Dave Mustaine. Fired from the band Metallica for his heavy drinking, substance abuse, and behavior he easily could’ve let his dream of being in a Metal band die, nine out of ten other people would’ve. But Dave was a completely different type of person. Even after he was fired from Metallica, and given his long bus ride home from New York to California, a ride that was so long, with all the emotions could’ve destroyed him he instead worked on new song ideas, plotting his next move. 
Obviously things didn’t happen overnight though. When he got back to California he had to move back in with his mother, and get a regular job like everyone else. To make matters worse for him Metallica was now beginning to break with their debut album “Kill Em’ All” which still included material that he had written which would send him into a deep depression. Finally though he would meet David Ellefson, who lived in the apartment below him, and the two would come up with the idea to form Megadeth. As Dave has stated many times he was out for blood. He wanted his band to be a faster and heavier version Metallica. He would recruit guitar player Chris Poland, and Gar Samuelson on drums. Finding a lead singer would become a much more difficult task, and in the end Dave would just decide to sing himself. 
Megadeth was signed by an independent label called Combat Records, and given $8,000 to record and produce the album. Still having issues with his vices much of the money was spent on food, alcohol, drugs, and a terrible production. (Dave would become drug and alcohol free a few years later). In the end Dave, and Karat Faye would produce the album themselves. From the first moment you hear the opening of the album “Killing Is My Business…And Business Is Good you won’t feel you’re hearing a thrash record. It starts with a lovely piano piece that sounds more like the beginning of a progressive rock album, but it doesn’t take long to realize that it’s thrash through and through. It provides the Blueprint of where Dave would take the music on future records. Not that it itself isn’t a good album because it is. Last Rites/Loved To Deth, the song originally written for Metallica known as Mechanix, the title track, all great songs to this day. 
The one song I’m sure he regrets putting on the album now was the cover of the Nancy Sinatra song “These Boots”. Not that it was a bad cover, but all the issues the songwriter Lee Hazlewood has put the band through. Saying how much he hates the offending lyrics, but gladly taking the royalties. On the remixed/remastered version Dave put the song on with “Bleeps” pretty much through the whole thing as a middle finger to Hazlewood. Also Dave used the original artwork he wanted, but Combat rejected. In the end this album is a celebration though, because it proves that just because you’re down, you are not out. And just because someone tells you that you can’t do something means nothing as long as you still believe in yourself. Hard to believe this album is thirty years old today. 
Recently Mustaine who has always had an issue with the way the record was recorded has threatened to re-record it. Hopefully he will just leave it alone, especially since Gar is gone now. He’s remixed it, changed the cover, etc. Just leave it alone already. 


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