Let This Go by Convicted Fate – Song Review


The southern boys from North Carolina release another impressive song

My previous review of their song “Get Up” introduced me and you to a project by the name of Convicted Fate. Curious to find out more, the drummer gave a quick low down of the project. It was in essence the four members of the excellent progressive metal band Hephystus with the edition of Justin Reich, who is an artist/designer for the band. They quickly patched together the song and video for “Get Up” and, in my opinion, the results were killer. Well now they’ve got a new song they’ve just released – Let This Go.

What makes this band so fascinating is that they’ve found that space where they can combine a heavy sound with melody, and a heavy dose of catchiness and it works. It really fucking works! Add to that the underlying southern rock feel, subtle but still there, and you’ve got something special. There is a real chemistry at work here, not something manufactured. These are real songwriters, real players (pretty advanced musicians, trust me) creating songs with a real emotional impact. And they’re still heavy. Somehow, some way, these guys need to get the music out there. Mature, heavy, melodic, with a unique style. Hopefully these guys don’t take anything else into consideration OTHER than letting the music flow. Do it your way and let the chemistry work its magic.

The song Let This Go is a great example of what I’ve described. It starts with a killer heavy groove riff with a slight southern blues tinge to it, it even has a subtle slide guitar feel to it. Killer riff. The rhythm section kicks in and establishes the movement in a straight forward manner but they do throw in the occasional tempo curveball. It works really well, and their prog metal roots show on these beat variations, I love the tightness of the drums and the bass, something’s that carried over from their band Hephystus. They’ve established the foundation that is almost a song in itself in their tightness. This syncopated harmony makes the sound that much bigger.

Stylistically Justin Reich is a clear vocalist, refreshing for American metal (though this band can be categorized as a crossover southern rock/metal hybrid, is there such a category? ha ha), the dude is good. I mean like really fucking good. He has a clean yet gruff voice that fits the musical sensibility of the band. It has style, range, and he puts emotion into it. It projects. It’s what you want. It’s what the music they’ve written needs. Also, if you’ve seen the video they did for their first release Get Up then you know he’s got presence and really gets into the feel of the music. He also interacts well with the camera, which hopefully translates to great interaction with an audience. But just in terms of ability and style, the dude kills it!

The song as a whole is just a great piece of writing that flows naturally. It’s different than Get Up, but just as good. And it’s still heavy and melodic and you can immediately tell its Convicted Fate. I do want to add one more musical critique, it’s great the guitars back off somewhat during the verse sections. It’s amazing how many bands don’t do this more often, it gives the vocals room to breathe, and makes for a chorus with more impact. Oh! And that heavy groove section in the middle of the song is awesome! Simple, but hard and melodic.

Another impressive song from a project that deserves more recognition. I mean, these guys are professional caliber musicians playing a unique rock-metal sound full of energy and passion. I can’t wait for their full length album release. Check out the song below.

Visit them here —> http://www.convictedfate.com/

Buy their first release here —> https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/get-up-single/id906147539