Leftist Metal Journalists Series – Joseph Schafer

Lying liberal journalist Joseph Schafer

Lying liberal journalist Joseph Schafer

*The first in an ongoing series of identifying the Metal “journalists” that are ruining Metal by letting their politics dominate their writing. They started this, we are simply countering their biased and politically correct coverage.

In Metal there is a serious problem. It has infested Metal and the way it covers the music for several years now, and though there were always certain music journalists that were liberal in nature, it did not manifest itself in the coverage of the music.

Well times have certainly changed haven’t they.

We now have to deal with hard leftists that advocate socialism in too much of their writing, as well as pushing Marxist inspired movements that push racial division, attack law enforcement, and diminish the role of men and families in society. These anti-Metal political activists disguise themselves as journalists, but they are anything but.

Case in point, Invisible Oranges’ Joseph Schafer. Check out this misleading, lying, deceitful statement he put forth in his interview with Corey Taylor.

The things that gained Trump traction in the first place were his controversial statements on Hispanic and Mexican-American immigrants, so it’s funny to me that people would associate metal with that prejudice, considering so many beloved metal musicians are Latino, like Tom Araya from Slayer.

The whole premise of that statement is a lie. The biggie is that Joseph knows that Trump wasn’t referring to Mexican-American’s, but to illegal immigrants from Mexico. He knows this, but since he’s advocating for a side he purposely lies to the readers of Spin, as well as to anyone stupid enough to be a follower of his work on the leftist Metal site Invisible Oranges. Of course the shallow Corey Taylor eats it up and runs with it, which makes him a liar as well.

This media/liberal Metal artist collusion is a wonder to behold, but illustrative and easy to indentify, and that is exactly what Metal Mofos will be doing, we will be putting these political operatives on blast for the whole Metal world to see and identify. Metal needs a counterpoint to such deceitfulness. Metal Mofos is the point of the spear in the Metal media revolution.

I’ll also have more on Corey Taylor referring to Trump and his supporters racists. He’s calling alot of Mexicans like me, my family, as well as lots of Blacks, racists. Does Corey think we Mexican’s shouldn’t think for ourselves? That can’t stand Corey, that WILL not stand.


Pic by John Michael Cooper

You can find Joseph Schafer on Twitter here.
You can waste time reading the SPIN article here.

— Carlos the Mexican king of all Metal