Lament Sign with Vision of God Records

Christian death metal icons Lament have signed a deal with Vision of God Records.  Check out the details from Vision of God Records below:

“As we are a ministry and missionaries ourselves, We are so pleased that God has brought us many missionaries!
We have many missionaries part of this ministry.
We Support them as you support us.
our newest full signing are also missionaries as well.
we are so blessed to announce and welcome with a extended length contract.
Lament To The Vision of God Records Family!
We originally were doing tears of a leper.
Since we and Lament Leader Pastor Abel Gomez have a great running and growing friendship. we decided to offer them a full out contract!.
here is what we will be doing for lament (yes all will feature some bonus tracks)

Tears of a leper reissue CD
Breathless Reissue CD
Through The Reflection Reissue CD
25 years DVD
25 years CD
Renaissance Ressiue CD
2 New Releases
and BEHEADED CD on our sub label Christian Metal Underground Records
if things go well. we will do some vinyl as we are working on getting that department open!”

Check out the current fundraising sale going on at the Vision of God Records store HERE



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