KISS Dressed To Kill – Must Own Heavy Metal/Hard Rock Albums

Must Own Heavy Metal/Hard Rock Albums :

Artist : KISS
Album : Dressed To Kill
Released : March 19, 1975
M.M. Album Rating : 4.5/5 (One Of The Best Hard Rock Records Of The Early 1970s.)

March 19, 1975. When I hear the argument that the band “KISS” is not a real band, or that they have no substance, the question I always ask is “have you heard the “Dressed To Kill” album ? ” Of course, most people say “no”. Over the years there has been a huge backlash against this band from many critics. Some of it is Gene Simmons, and Paul Stanley’s fault. I mean they both are guilty of over commercializing and over exposing the “KISS Brand”. But the fact that the “original band” had to wait over 15 years after being eligible to be inducted into the “Rock N’ Roll Hall Of Fame” with their influence and body of work, was criminal.

By the time KISS made their third album “Dressed To Kill” they were in trouble financially, and so was their record company. “Casablanca records” was in such financial trouble that the band couldn’t hire a qualified producer for this album. The record label’s President Neil Bogart had to produce the record with the band. The band was so broke in fact, that only drummer Peter Criss owned a suit. The rest of the band had to borrow suits from their manager Bill Aucoin. Their first two albums had flopped, and had to record this album very quickly.

The overall sound of the record is very raw, almost playing like a “punk record”. It’s a very short album too, clocking in at only 30 minutes. But what fans truly love about this record, is it’s KISS as a democracy, as a band. This album is a perfect example of what makes the chemistry of Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, Ace Frehley, and Peter Criss untouchable. It’s known as the album that introduced the classic “Rock And Roll All Nite”, but has other songs as equally as strong.

When this album came out it did alittle better than the previous two records, but still didn’t give the Band the recognition they needed. That would finally happen later in the year when they would release “Alive”. After that the band would never be the same. Over the years “Dressed To Kill” has aged very well, actually much better than many 1975 albums that were hits. This is my personal favorite album from the band, for that reason. They were young, they were hungry, they were broke. But they fought together as a team, a unit. (Something Paul and Gene have obviously forgot). This album is the ultimate proof why Ace and Peter matter just as much as Gene and Paul.



Side one :
1 Room Service (Paul Stanley) – 2:59
2 Two Timer (Gene Simmons) – 2:47
3 Ladies in Waiting (Simmons) – 2:35
4 Getaway (Ace Frehley) – 2:43
5 Rock Bottom (Frehley, Stanley) – 3:54

Side two
1 C’mon and Love Me (Stanley) – 2:57
2 Anything for My Baby (Stanley) – 2:35
3 She (Simmons, Stephen Coronel) – 4:08
4 Love Her All I Can (Stanley) – 2:40
5 Rock and Roll All Nite (Simmons, Stanley) – 2:49

Jesse Vejar

Jesse Vejar

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