Kirk Hammett Is A Climate Change Hoax Believer, & You Better Be One Too!

President Donald Trump is once again doing Metal a great favor and triggering the hidden leftists to come out of the closet due to their incapacity to maintain their emotional composure.

Thank you Mr President!

So Kirk Hammett is a HUGE climate change (which was first global cooling, then global warming, and now it’s climate change) hoax believer. So much so that he had to take to his Twitter account to blast off some tweets that will inspire noone emotionally but will probably increase sales numbers due to the glut of bad Metal out there forcing people to buy Metallica’s excellent early work, which surpasses the sales of every other band every fucking year.

Now to think of it, what does that say about Metal?

Back on point. The issue is not Kirk’s support of the climate change hoax, pushed by Marxists with clever propaganda & false numbers, but that due to living in a wealth bubble his mind is incredibly weak and an easy target for the propaganda pushing the nonsensical climate change theory. His belief that it is real is all the evidence we need to understand we’re not dealing with the brilliance of Newton here.

Look Kirk, I once worshiped you musically. What you need to do is focus on finding your lost phone to see if there’s anything worthy on it to record, and then tell the rest of your cohorts to write another album ASAP to make amends for the abortion that is Hardwired.

There are stupid men, and then there are stupid rich men that can use their fame to influence their audience.

Seeing the level of idiocy here? Heh. Green = FULL government control of our lives.

This next ones really funny, considering debt was increased by 10 TRILLION (which he doesn’t have to worry about cause he RICH!) and have created jobs that 90% part time jobs.

On this next one he actually has a point, but the problem is that he’s so detached from real life that he doesn’t understand he’s the SUBJECT of the propaganda that has led him to believe he “understands” what he’s tweeting.

And this one, he wants to wait 6 months to see where we’re at. I tweeted to the guy to give it 8 years, just like he gave Obama.

Here’s more genius level pro Marxist climate change idiocy.

Yeah, that’s what we are – Earth Killers.

Meanwhile, you and Metallica are the Metal Killers. Destroying Metal with your substandard output for the last 20+ years.

Shut and play Kirk, you effeminate chonchburger.

— Carlos The Mexican King Of All Metal