King Diamond – Abigail- 25 Days of Christmas- Metal Countdown: Day 4

Metal Mofos’ Isaac Sauers gives us a holiday treat as he counts down 25 days till Christmas with 25  of his favorite must own metal and hard rock albums. Join us daily through December 25th to read the latest entry. 

After Mercyful Fate disbanded in 1985 the first thing King Diamond’s new namesake band released was a wonderful single called “No Presents For Christmas” on Christmas Day 1985.

The band released their full length debut, Fatal Portrait, the next year, but they didn’t fully hit their stride until February 24, 1987 when Abigail was released.

Abigail is a horror concept album. The first of its kind in heavy metal. The album tells the tale of a young couple named Jonathan and Miriam LaFey who have inherited a mansion from old relatives of Jonathan. 

On their way to the mansion they are met by a group of black horseman who tell them to turn back and not go to the mansion. The young couple ignores the warning and proceed to make the mansion their new home. 

After settling in to their new home Jonathan is visited by the family ghost, Count De LaFey, in the middle of the night while Miriam just slept like a rock. Count de LaFey tells Jonathan his story about when he was owner of the mansion. The count discovered his wife had been cheating on him and was pregnant with the other man’s child. The Count said no bastard baby would inherit what is his, and he threw his pregnant wife down the stairs, killing her and causing the baby to be stillborn. Count de LaFey gave the name Abigail to the stillborn child and buried her in a crypt in the basement. 


Going into the crypt awakens the cursed spirit of Abigail. Strange things with deadly omens begin to happen in the mansion ultimately resulting in the possession of Miriam by the spirit of Abigail. The possession results in Miriam becoming pregnant so she can give birth to a new evil baby Abigail. 

Jonathan tries to deceive his possessed wife by leading her to the stairs down to the crypt so he can push her down them and kill the evil child inside of her. Abigail knows what he is up to and pushes Jonathan down the stairs, breaking his neck. The possessed Miriam then follows down the stairs where she gives birth to evil within her and dies during the labor. 

The black horsemen from the beginning of the tale now return to the scene and discover the horrors that took place in the mansion. They find the newborn baby Abigail eating something so horrible it cannot be mentioned. The black horsemen will then proceed to take the evil baby Abigail to the forest where they plan to impale her with silver spikes and put her in a coffin so she cannot escape and cause more destruction.

This terrifying tale is backed by some fantastic music. King Diamond’s vocals are excellent here. There’s a good mix of his standard metal vocals mixed with his signature falsetto. The crafty guitar playing of Michael Denner and Andy LaRoque is second to none, and the rhythm section of drummer Mikkey Dee and bass player Timi Hansen fill out the music of this epic masterpiece. 

If you’ve never owned a King Diamond album then Abigail is certainly the place to start. 



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