Justis Mustaine Responds To The Gossip-Mongering Idiots In Havok (Damn Good Thrash BTW)

Havok 1

As Justis says on his Facebook post responding to Havok’s rumor spreading controversy, based on their gossip-mongering ways they are far from being professionals in the area of negotiations between themselves and their business interests. I’m still tripping that a good Thrash band like Havok (with real musical growth potential) would choose to go the route they did instead of keeping it between them and Mustaine Management. Why burn a bridge? Who knows what the future could bring, maybe a better situation down the road. Just freaking stupid.


On a side note, it’s funny as hell to see the liberals at Metal Injection try to play this as if they are in any way a fair and impartial arbiter of the Truth. Those anti-Christian bigots have had it out for the Mustaine’s for a long time. Don’t EVER take them serious.

But let’s not forget, despite all the brouhaha with Havok’s stupid move, they are a good Thrash band with small moments of heavy brilliance I wish they would expand on. And based on this song and the lyrics, they understand the concept of Liberty. Stop the dumbshit Havok, and focus on the future and NEVER burn a bridge like this again. I honestly hope someday they apologize for their means of communicating this and they can get back on a great Megadeth tour.

— Carlos the Mexican king of all Metal