Judas Priest to Enter Studio, Phil Anselmo Album Releases for 2017 and Kerry King on Possibility of More Big 4 Shows

Judas Priest’s 2014 release ‘Redeemer Of Souls’ was a much welcomed return to classic heavy metal form for the band after their 2008 concept album ‘Nostradamus’. Since the release of ‘Redeemer Of Souls’, Judas Priest fans have been anxiously awaiting a new album from the British heavy metal legends. There has been no set timetable for the release of a new Judas Priest album, but there is definitely something for fans to get excited about, because Rob Halford has announced that Judas Priest are preparing to enter the studio to begin recording new material.

During his appearance on Eddie Trunk’s show “Trunk Nation” on Sirius XM, Rob had this to say about the songwriting process for the new album: “Yeah, everything’s coming together great. We’re excited to be making new material.

“As you know, whenever we go out to play, we like to say that we’re there for not only the reason to see our wonderful fans again but to show off what we’re doing. And that’s what we’re doing right now — we’re hard at work, and it’s all coming together great.

“As you and I have done so many times in the past, Eddie, when the appropriate time arises, I’ll be happy to come to New York and sit with you and we’ll talk about all the new PRIEST that is being made and ready to release.”

Rob also had this to say in regard to there being no set timetable for their new disc: “You know, there is no rush,” he said. “There is no rush. We feel great. We’re very happy, we’re very confident, we’re very excited. And so, yeah, we’re working with our label and with promoters, and there’s a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes. When we go out, we want it to be good — we want it to be good, we want it to be well planned, we wanna make sure that everybody’s happy. So, again, as things come to the table, I’ll let you know.” 


The mighty Phil Anselmo has been hard at work as usual. He’s recorded five albums and plans on releasing them this year. These albums will span a variety of genres and Phil is anxious to get the music into the hands of fans by any means possible, even if it means giving some of them away.

Here’s what Phil had to say to Metal Wani about the new material: “I’m sitting on five finished records right now – and they’re all different and they’re all tripped out. Some are heavier, some are heavier than heavy, and then some are not. I guess you woudn’t be able to stuff it into the heavy metal category at all. I think it’s the love of all the many genres.

“It’s a set of songs that have grown up with me since I was first able to pick up the guitar – little things that I had just written along the way. These songs have grown up with me and advanced and grown.”

Phil mentioned that Superjoint bassist Steve Taylor worked closely with him on these projects. He continued: “He’s really an incredibly creative guitar player. He’s my main man right now. If it wasn’t for him, we probably would’t have half of these mysterious songs I’m talking about.

Phil is one of the hardest working artists in the industry. He’s a musical renaissance man, and it looks like 2017 is going to be another great year for Phil Anselmo fans.


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Loudwire had a chance to catch up with Slayer guitarist Kerry King at the inaugural Hall of Heavy Metal induction ceremony to talk about the possibility of more “Big 4” shows, Slayer’s plans for 2017 and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Kerry was in attendance at the Hall of Heavy Metal induction ceremony to induct Metal Blade Records founder Brian Slagel. Dio and Lemmy Kilmister received honors at the ceremony, but Kerry would like to see the metal legends receive the prestigious honor of being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Here’s what Kerry had to say: “Dio is one of my top two singers of all time and he was a good friend and a good dude,” King said. “Lemmy — the career speaks for itself … They motherf—king should be in the Hall of Fame.”

When asked about the possibility of more “Big 4” shows, Kerry replied: “I would be all for it,” King professed. “I just don’t think there’s ever going to be a moment in time to where four headline bands with the same time free to make it happen.”


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