James Hetfield Biography Now Available Wherever Books are Sold

Mark Eglinton’s biography of metal god, James Hetfield, is now available online and wherever books are sold. ‘So Let It Be Written’ is not ‘officially authorized’, but has not received any negative push back from the Hetfield camp. The biography covers the icon’s life from adolescence to metal immortality. Foreword by Chuck Billy of Testament.

In an Q&A about the book, Mark states of what Metallica fans will get from the book:

‘Fans will get a deeper understanding of what part James has played in taking Metallica from being an underground band to arguably the biggest metal band in history.’

The book has a publication date of April 11th, but paperbacks are already hitting shelves.

Enough said.

Check out the full Q&A here:



Ben Borcher

Ben Borcher

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Ben Borcher