Is Pumpkinhead Moody Leaving 5Finger Discount? Naw, Rockfeed Was Just Manufacturing Another Controversy

I initially missed this story but it appears that there were false rumors that alleged woman beater Ivan “Pumpkinhead” Moody was leaving the band but it seems the dummies at Rockfeed (and others) got it wrong since Ivan’s come out with a statement saying he did not plan on leaving the band and blaming the media for creating a nonexistent controversy (in this case it would appear he’s referring to the liberals at Rockfeed who have been blamed for creating nonexistent controversy in the past). Also, it appears the original interview that Ivan Moody had with KBPI has been removed. Why? And why did they cave at someones request to take it down? Stupid move.

Anyways, to be honest I got happy because the best thing that could happen to 5 Finger Discount is for Moody to get out of dodge. He’s clearly the one thing in the band that holds them back from creating epic Metal. Yeah, they’ve sold records, but it’s also been a series of albums that sound alike and are barely indistinguishable from their first album. It’s like they keep releasing the same album over and over but with a different name. Not to mention that 50% of lyrics appear to the word “motherfucker”, which is not exactly what you would call Metal Shakespearean prose, know what I mean ese?

Look Five Finger Death Punch, take it from The Mexican King Of All Metal, you NEED to do this. You NEED to get rid of the weak link and move forward with something more compelling than rewriting the same album over and over. The band is full of great musicians and solid character guys, and as someone that once worked with an immoral piece of shit of a vocalist let me tell you that its best to cut your losses with this guy. He hurts your music.

Free Pumpkinhead! It’s clearly what needs to happen.