Is Dave Mustaine/Megadeth Planning On Rerecording Killing Is My Business?

An intriguing tweet from one of Metal’s smartest men makes one wonder if there is a new version of the classic Killing Is My Business And Business Is Good album coming sometime in the near future. With the anniversary date of June 12 right around the corner this leads many to think this could be the case. Dave himself spoke about wanting to do just that but he was in the middle of recording Dystopia.

It is an intriguing proposition as the original suffers from bad production, though the excellence of the musicianship and the quality of the songwriting still shine through. How do you replace Gar Samuelson’s playing, his unique style is part of what made Megadeth’s early music so memorable. How do you replace Chris Poland’s guitar playing? It’s unique and stellar.

We shall see. Here are the tweets in question.