Iron Maiden Pulls ‘Hallowed Be Thy Name’ From Current Set List Amid Plagiarism Claim

Iron Maiden has decided to pull the song, ‘Hallowed Be Thy Name’ from their set list in the midst of an ongoing plagiarism claim. Barry McKay, the band’s now-retired manager, is taking Steve Harris and Dave Murray to court over accusations that the iconic Maiden song repeats approximately six lines from the song, ‘Life’s Shadow’ by the band Beckett (Robert Barton and Brian Ingham). Although McKay is adamant that he doesn’t want Maiden fans to miss out on the song, the band still pulled it until the matter can be resolved.

States Iron Maiden’s current management,

“There now appears to be a dispute between the two original writers as to their respective shares in Life’s Shadow. Further, an individual called Barry McKay in taking this action now claims to publish Robert Barton’s interest in Life’s Shadow, despite so far being unable to come up with a publishing agreement and showing little or no evidence in his claim of any interest in Mr. Barton’s songs in approximately 40 years.”

On pulling the song,

“As previously announced, for the current second leg of the ‘Book of Souls’ tour a couple of changes to the set list were due to be made. The first was including a different track from the new album and having been made aware of a legal claim, the second change was to replace ‘Hallowed Be Thy Name.’”


See the lyrics compared below, as well as a link to The Telegraph article.


Beckett lyrics:

Mark my words my soul lives on

 Please don’t worry cause I’ve have gone

 I’ve gone beyond to see the truth

 While I consider my new youth

 When your time is close at hand

 Maybe then you’ll understand

 Life down there is just a strange illusion


Maiden lyrics:

Mark my words believe my soul lives on

 Don’t worry now that I have gone

 I’ve gone beyond to seek the truth

 When you know that your time is close at hand

 Maybe then you’ll begin to understand

 Life down there is just a strange illusion


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