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image (1)Wolves defines my quest to find mature metalheads writing great music. It’s a mentality thing more than an age thing, but with age comes wisdom and I’m really fortunate to have found just such a metal band (my review is here). After listening to their four song EP (which you can purchase here) I was curious to find out more about their history, influences, members, etc. I sent them a questionnaire to post as an interview here. Here’s their response:

  1. Please introduce yourself and your band members. Who plays what?

    Wolves: Jessie on vocals, Matt on guitar, Dennis on bass, and Derrek on drums.

    2. How did you guys get formed? What is the history of the members and the band?

    Wolves: this all started with family gatherings oddly enough, Matt is Derreks cousin’s husband. Every holiday gathering Matt would bring guitar or it would be at his house and they would find a drumset and jam for hours. They then decided to put something together. Matt and Derrek jammed and wrote some stuff for a few months. Matt knew Jessie from being in bands with him, (Blood Shovel and Anti Trust) so he shot him a text to come check out what we were doing. The last piece was the bass player, again Dennis was someone that Matt had played with in the past. We all liked what was going on and started to gel and write songs.

    3. Who or what inspires you and why? What bands inspire the band?

    Wolves: the band influences are kinda all over the board lol. Anything from 80s metal to current. Mastodon, Thin Lizzy, Hendrix, Tool, Porcupine Tree, to name a few. We all bring something different to the table. Everyone in this band is extremely open minded to all typed of music.

    4. Any new releases in the works? What is the release date? Where can metalheads buy your music? How many recordings does the band have?

    Wolves: Well we have the new EP that you did a great review on (might I add), we are currently working on a full length album, and we took a new approach to how we are writing it as compared to how we put the EP together. We feel the EP is more of a demo of what directions we would go in the future. It’s basically four songs we really liked and wanted to record. The new album has WAY more thought put into it as far as story and music from start to finish. This will be our first full length album.

    5. Are you guys going to do this completely independently, or are you looking for label support?

    Wolves: we understand that this is happening late in our lives and we are just trying to have as much fun and write the best songs we can as a band, but label help is always welcomed lol.


6. What band would you tour with (if you could pick any) and why?

Wolves: oh man there are so many. That’s a tough one. We think honestly it would be any band to we could compliment and that could compliment us. Mastodon would be a ton of fun.

7. What gear do you guys use?


Matt plays Carvin guitars with Seymour Duncan JB pickups, and Line 6 amps

Dennis plays Fender basses with Hartke and Ampeg amps.

Derrek plays Pearl drums with Zildjian cymbals. All percussion is played through a Roland SPD-20 

8. What are the plans for the future? Any tour plans? Any upcoming shows? Let us know so we can post them on our FB Page.

Wolves: We are still pretty “young” as a band, we have mostly been writing new material so that we have enough to put on a good show. We are putting the word out and actively looking to put together some live shows.

9. How is your new album going to differ from your first?

Wolves: This new album has a story behind it, and that’s helping us stay focused and write with purpose and direction. we want this album to be something you want to hear all the way through without skipping songs, I know that’s a tall order but that’s the goal.

10. What is your favorite song by the band and why?

Wolves: Derrek and Jessie’s is Run they just feel that is has the most polish and work put into it, Run is the first song ever written by the band, and has gone through so many changes over the course of a year. Matt has said his is Walls, it’s a journey of a song and the first time we as a band started messing with odd time signatures, a lot of that song is in 7/8. Dennis said he likes Ship in a Storm, because of the way the heavy chorus groove feels. He also looks like he has the most fun playing that one lol.

11. In closing is there anything you would like to add?

Wolves: a big thank you and shout out to everyone that has liked our page and is listening to our music, We hope to get a tour or just some live shows together really soon and meet a lot of you.

We want to give Metal Mofos a huge thank you, for everything you’ve done for us.

Thanks for responding guys. I’m looking forward to more music \m/
You can find their Facebook page here:


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