House On Haunted Hill by Conjuring Fate – Song Review

10454067_754043351308154_73934312791412834_oAccording to their Facebook page “Conjuring Fate are an Irish heavy metal band from Co.Antrim, Northern Ireland.” Hella cool!

I first heard of these guys from a message we received on our Facebook page (Metal Mofos). Of course I’m always curious to hear new metal. I was expecting to hear growling vocals, but instead I was in sheer joy to hear ACTUAL FUCKING SINGING (no disrespect to the growlers and cookie monster metalheads out there, its just a preference)! And boy, Tommy Daly has a great pair of lungs.

The song starts with a great riff, I have no clue who the guitarists are visually but whoever it is, that riff is sweet. The rest of the song has a tinge of many influences that I won’t go into here because these guys certainly have a style and deserve to be heard on their own merits. The songwriting is really strong and you can tell these guys have put some thought into their songs, they know the old saying of “simplicity is perfection” but don’t let it fool into thinking that it’s not anything but quality work. As I myself have learned through years of writing music, its easy to overcomplicate, and much more difficult to narrow a song down to its core while maintaining its integrity. These guys really know how to do that. The music production is well done to, and comparable to much of the professional productions you hear out there from bigger bands with bigger budgets.

As to the video itself, it too is simple but well done. Very tasteful, with a real artistic quality to it. The director has his cinematography chops down (as an amateur film maker myself, trust me, it ain’t quite that easy), capturing the much sought after movie quality look with great lighting. The scenes fluctuate between color and black and white, sometimes this artistic expression looks generic and like visual filler, but here it works very fucking well. Color my brown ass impressed.

All in all, the song is really a quality piece of work, and the video is not far behind. I really hope to hear more from these guys ASAP! Below are the links to where you buy their stuff, and the video below them.

“100% Heavy Metal! New E.P available from CD ONLY £3, Digital £1.50″

Tommy Daly – Vocals
Phil Horner – guitar
Karl Gibson – guitar
Steve Legear – bass
Bogdan Walczak – drums
Facebook Page:

Check them out, definitely a big recommendation,