Hillary Supporter Corey Taylor To Kid Rock: NO!!! And Has He Had Enough Of Trump Supporters Criticizing Him?

Now, you may wonder why I say that but look at his response during his interview with Larry “Walking Dead” King, it’s quite different than what you would expect from him considering his past over the top responses to anything Trump does. Quite measured, and quite stupid. He thinks that you need experience to run for government, which is the basis of his criticism of Kid Rock running for Senate (go Kid Rock!). Which begs the question.

Who do you think created the horrific mess America has seen for the last 50 years?


Corey, how stupid can you possibly be?

I mean, aside from supporting Bernie “Commie” Sanders, this might be the stupidest thing you’ve done or said. America and the West is in serious debt, it’s being attacked by Cultural Marxism, and we’ve near destroyed the whole family, religions, and moral foundation that creates great nations.

And it was done by your beloved EXPERIENCED politicians.

Now I ask, why is this man considered anything near intelligent? He’s not. He’s a spoiled idiotic buffoon that plays for an all White band (Slipknot) while preaching the virtues of a racially diverse society.

A hypocrite, clown, and pendejo.

Now, his measured response is what makes me think he’s heard plenty from Trump supporters. I say don’t stop. Keep holding Corey “There are no minorities in Slipknot yet I claim to support minorities” Taylor, he needs a serious awakening of the times in which we live.