Hidden Gem: I – Between Two Worlds

ALBUM: Between Two Worlds
YEAR: 2006

I is a metal supergroup from Norway founded in 2006. The band’s members consist of Abbath from Immortal, TC King formerly of Gorgoroth, Ice Dale of Enslaved, Armagedda formerly of Immortal, and the lyrics are provided by Demonaz of Immortal.

I hear what you’re thinking. Oh great, another black metal album. But, wait! Give this album a chance. Although all of the artists who formed the band I are/were in black metal bands this album has more of a straight up, classic kind of metal sound.

Immortal is the most talented black metal band in my opinion. Abbath and Demonaz made an excellent team for many years, and their talent continues to shine through this side project I. Abbath is a great guitarist and vocalist and Demonaz always provides cool lyrics.

This album is filled with riffs and solos inspired by thrash bands like Metallica and Slayer, the classic metal sounds of Motörhead, Judas Priest and Iron Maiden, the hard rock sound of Kiss, plus the raw sounds of Bathory who are a huge influence on the Norwegian Black Metal Scene.

The vocals are unmistakably Abbath’s yet they differ in sound some from the black metal vocals of Immortal. The vocals still have a growled snarl to them but are a bit more understandable than a lot of Immortal’s work or black metal vocals in general.

The speed of the music is not quite as fast as black metal and the drumming on the album is not filled with the typical blast beats common in the extreme metal. These are not slow ballads by any means, but this album is not at 200 bpm black metal speed. We got some good down to earth quick paced galloping metal here from I.

I think most of our readers at Metal Mofos will really like this album. It’s metal at its finest from some very talented musicians.

The saddest part about I is this 2006 debut will probably be the only album we ever have from them. Immortal was on a break at the time this was released then they reformed. Abbath then left Immortal last year and released his debut solo album earlier this year with King from I playing bass in his solo band.

Check out the opening track “The Storm I Ride” here.

By Isaac Sauers

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