Hidden Gem: George Lynch – Shadow Train

Metal Mofos’ Isaac Sauers takes a look at George Lynch’s 2015 album Shadow Train released on Rat Pak Records.  Get the full story below.

I’ve recently begun listening to the catalogue that Rat Pak Records has put out. They released two of my favorite albums from 2016 and 2017, Michael Sweet’s One Sided War and KXM’s Scatterbrain.

While going through the catalogue I came across the 2015 George Lynch album Shadow Train. I was really drawn in by the album artwork which features a skull adorned in a Native American feather headdress with turquoise and red coloring on the headband. It’s just a badass looking album cover. There’s no text. Just the image.

As soon as I pushed the play button and George Lynch’s heavy riffing to start off the album opener “Vulture” kicked in I knew I was in for a real treat deciding to listen to this album.

I also quickly came to realize this album was more than just hard rock. These songs were written with a true purpose: pleading the case of the hardships Native Americans face to this day on their reservations. The songs “White Clay” (which also has some really heavy guitar!) and “Sioux Wake Up” feature some spoken word segments by vocalist Gregg Analla which really pulled at me. For example, “White Clay” speaks of an 85-95% unemployment rate on Pine Ridge reservation in South Dakota, the median income is $3500 per year, has the shortest life expectancy anywhere in the Western Hemisphere beside Haiti, and infant mortality is 300% higher than the national average. “Sioux Wake Up” talks about white kids Today having no idea what the Trail of Tears is and will only remember the Native American people through means such as the Washington Redskins and Atlanta Braves.

Shadow Train also serves as the soundtrack to George Lynch’s directed and hosted documentary Shadow Nation which showcases the struggles of the Native Americans. The film won the Change the World Award at the 2015 Jury Awards.

Back to the music. Shadow Train really is a great rocker. George Lynch is one of the few 80s metal greats who still really puts himself out there and continues to make excellent music through various projects as a solo artist, with Lynch Mob, with Sweet & Lynch, and with KXM. He’s a man I have a lot of respect for as a musician for continuing to put out great hard rock music into his 60s.

I also would really like to highlight the vocal performance of singer Gregg Analla, also of the band Tribe of Gypsies. I love his voice on this album. His voice really reminds me of Myles Kennedy (whom I love) of Alter Bridge at times. I love his vocal melody in the song “Believe” which is more of a ballad. Gregg is also of the Native American Pueblo Teibe so he is a great fit for this album. Sadly Gregg died a few weeks ago on January 4, 2018 after succumbing to injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident.

If you’re looking for some great music to turn on today consider giving George Lynch’s Shadow Train a listen. Shadow Train is an 18 track double  album filled with close to 90 minutes of excellent songs.

You can purchase Shadow Train on the Rat Pak Records website HERE.



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