Godsmack Nearing 20 Years, New Record in ’18

It’s probably time to start setting our sights on 2018 for new music. With that, it sounds like we can anticipate new Godsmack. Coinciding with their 20th anniversary, GS will drop their seventh studio album. Shannon Larkin told The Morning Call,

We have a strong seven [songs completed] right now, but we also have another ten that are works in progress. But we do have the majority of the new record, and I’m really happy with it. It’s great songs, man, and that’s why it takes us usually four years in between albums, ’cause we really care about our songs [laughs], obviously, but this time it’s the twenty-year anniversary — 2018 — of the band, so we felt a little extra pressure to make this a great record after two decades.’ Yeah, maybe just a wee bit of pressure on that one.

Seeking for reinvention, while staying true to their roots, he continued,

We’re trying to implement some kind of new sound without losing our heritage.


I believe they can pull it off. I also look forward to finding out.



Ben Borcher

Ben Borcher

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Ben Borcher