God, Metal, and What it Takes to Run Independent Label Vision of God Records

Metal Mofos’ Isaac Sauers got the scoop from Vision of God Records’ founder Duane Keith on how a small record label operates in the digital age of the 21st century.

Vision of God Records was founded by Duane Keith in 2013. The label has grown over the past few years, and there are currently over a dozen artists on the label from places as far away as Brazil and Ukraine.

The label was founded after a vision from God came to Duane in a dream. The label reflects both Duane’s passion for metal and passion for God as the label exclusively releases albums from artists whose lyrics focus on Christianity set to the chugging guitar riffs and blast beating drums of metal music.

And when I say metal I mean METAL. These aren’t the hymns your grandmother sang in church or Elvis Presley recorded. Vision of God Records is bringing us some high quality sounding death, black, and thrash metal we can all bang our heads to.

Check out a couple album previews from their artists in these YouTube clips:

Give a listen to this in depth interview with label founder Duane Keith on what it takes to start and run  an independent record label, plus we talk about the artists on the label and upcoming releases. Duane doesn’t hold anything back here.

I hope everyone enjoyed all of the information and insight from Duane.  To enjoy some more great metal from Vision of God Records find them online at the below resources:

Vision of God Records Official Website  Go here to find great prices on CDs and other merchandise!

Vision of God Records Facebook  Go here for the latest updates!

Vision of God Records Bandcamp Page  Go here to hear some more tunes from this great label!



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