Dueling At Dawn – Metal From Cedar Rapids, Iowa

1362670681_Small_skull_and_crossed_gunsAlright, so I’m scouring the list of all the bands that sent me links to their stuff and I stumble onto these guys. BOOM! Good shit! On their Facebook page these guys describe their genre as rock/metal/blues/progressive/metal/etc. Yes, they use metal twice in description, maybe to emphasize the point they are METALLLLLL!!!!! And I would agree. But they definitely have that underlying blues groove going on too.

So I don’t know much about them other than their Facebook/Reverbnation page, and I got a message from the singer after I told them I liked their music and he said they are currently looking for a drummer, that said I’ll still use the lineup they show on their Facebook page:

  • Matt-Lead Guitar/Vocals
  • Paul-Lead Vocals
  • Jay-Drums/Vocals
  • Adam-Bass
  • Jeff-Guitar

Now, they aren’t much to look at, but it’s all about the music right? And these guys can write some good stuff. There’s alot to talk about when it comes to their music. First, there’s a serious underlying groove metal thing going on, with a touch of blues, crossover, and Thrash, even a little bit of shitty metalcore is thrown in. Now that’s a toxic mix right there. Music to pull teeth to while drinking whiskey, watching porn, and robbing a bank. In other words, its a mix that works. They’ve got three songs on Reverbnation:

Scary Larry – This is a near screamo type song, but with some soul underneath the writing due to its groovy bluesy verse and pre-chorus sections. The chorus is catchy and has a change in tempo that’s has a pounding bass drum working in almost a stall beat. Good song, but not my favorite.

Immolator – This song rocks. Primarily due to its powerful chorus and it’s strong heavy groove thing. The verse is almost as good, again, due to the groovy feel of the guitar work. The whole song has a strong but simple drum beat going that pushes this whole thing forward and makes it work. It’s the strongest vocally as well. My favorite song.

Ballad Of Blanch – This is the second best song, and I really like the story telling in the song. The whole song just plain rocks, it has a strong vocal performance and it’s the song where the drums showcase their chops in their full glory. Great song.


Dueling At Dawn

So yeah, check them out. They play a potent mix of metal that works really well. You know, it’s funny. Once I started this quest to find unknown, unsigned, and underground metal, I began to really understand the dynamic and overall better quality of the older metal bands out there. They’ve had time to process alot of different music that helps them create a much more mature sound. This is a good example of that.

Check their stuff on Reverbnation below
Check out their Facebook page here —> https://www.facebook.com/duelingatdawn