Dokken – Tooth And Nail : Must Own Heavy Metal/Hard Rock Albums 

Artist : Dokken 

Album : Tooth And Nail 

Released : September 13, 1984

Metal Mofo Album Rating : 4.5/5 (The Introduction To The Classic Lineup.) 

The early 1980s were a great time for Heavy Metal & Hard Rock music. Not just because of all of the bands (good and bad) that came onto the scene, but the fact that many of these bands still had the hunger and desire to make it big. Dokken was a perfect example of this. In the early 1980s they had a much harder sound before the hairspray and the success. Their second album “Tooth And Nail” is their most consistent album overall from start to finish. And the amazing thing is the fact that it almost wasn’t made. 

Not happy with how their first album “Breaking The Chains” was received, especially in America their label Elektra was ready to drop the band. After all, it was originally released in 1981, and lost momentum, especially after Don Dokken almost was hired to join The Scorpions. It was re-released in America in 1983, hoping to gain momentum with the musical climate changing with albums like Pyromania, and Metal Health, and it flopped again. Then after losing their charismatic bass player whom the executives at the label really liked Juan Croucier when he left to join Ratt was almost the last straw. You have to hand it to Don Dokken for talking the label into another chance. The label would finally agree, and hire two legendary producers Tom Werman, and Roy Thomas Baker to produce the new record.

Tooth And Nail would be the first album with what would become their classic lineup. Don Dokken on lead vocals, George Lynch on guitars, Jeff Pilson on bass, and Mick Brown on drums. Once the album was released it became apparent pretty quickly that Elektra made the right decision to keep the band. Led by songs like Into The Fire, You Just Got Lucky, the title track, and the most popular song of all, one of the best power ballads of the decade “Alone Again” the album would go gold and help Dokken break into the big time. Their next two albums Under Lock And Key, and Back For The Attack would sell much better, but they never seemed to equal Tooth And Nail. Yes much of Dokken’s 1980s work sounds terribly dated, but their sophomore album still sounds pretty good. It’s worth a listen.


Jesse Vejar

Jesse Vejar

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