Do Metal Injection and Metal Sucks Support Violence? Apparently So If You Don’t Bow Down To Their Groupthink

To sjw’s there are acceptable and unacceptable forms of violence. And it’s all dependent on whether you think as they do.

Case in point, here are two images of two articles by the social justice warrior websites run by SlothShrek (Robert Pasbani) and Fatxl Rosenburger (Axl Rosenburg), two ugly fat dudes that are part of a coalition of politically liberal websites that cover Metal on occasion.

The first one is some poor chick that got pummeled in a moshpit and suffered some terrible injuries (Godspeed to recovery), and the other is one of White Identity Socialist Richard Spencer getting sucker punched by a coward who ran full force and tried to knock him out but failed.

One act of violence is condemned by Metal Injection/Metal Sucks, the other is celebrated and encouraged by them.

This is the hypocritical nonsense these bigots believe. And much like they refuse to see they are anti-Christian bigots (imagine if they were bashing Muslims as much as they bash Christians), they also refuse to see that they are openly advocating violence against White men that don’t think as they do. White men that have done NOTHING to them, or have acted violent in any way against anybody. As far as I’ve been able to research, I haven’t found anything where Richard Spencer advocates that “Nazis” (their word) go out and sucker punch people that don’t agree with them. I agree with almost nothing that Richard Spencer teaches his tribes, but I most DEFINITELY don’t advocate violence against him simply because he might believe some things I do not. The violence against so-called “fascists” by sjw’s recalls the violence advocacy by Communists during their attempted takeover of Weimar Germany prior to Hitler’s rise. Marxists (and that’s the genesis of modern sjw’s) always advocate violence at some point. And that’s exactly what’s beginning to happen now with Trump’s win.

So here you go. Just another example of what we know social justice warriors have a tendency to do, and that’s to project their own bigotry onto others.

The Trump era is going to be epic. The meltdowns by Metal Injection/Metal Sucks and their allies have only just begun. Too good.

— Carlos the Mexican King of all Metal