Dio-Holy Diver : Must Own Heavy Metal/Hard Rock Albums

Must Own Heavy Metal/Hard Rock Albums : 

Artist : Dio

Album Holy Diver 

Released : May 25, 1983 

M.M. Album Rating : 5/5 (One Of the Holy Grails of Heavy Metal Music) 
Ronnie James Dio 

Vivian Campbell 

Jimmy Bain 

Vinny Appice  

If there was any reservations of how Ronnie James Dio would do on his own without the help of Rainbow, and Black Sabbath, they would be squashed as soon as his debut album as a solo artist came out. Actually Dio was promoted as a band, but for the first time this was truly Ronnie’s show, no longer playing second fiddle to anyone. Putting an amazing lineup of musicians together he had worked with in the past, and a very talented young guitarist by the name of Vivian Campbell, the album Holy Diver became an instant classic. 

Not only was Ronnie one of the greatest metal vocalists of all time, but also one of the most intelligent. After Ritchie Blackmore fired Jimmy Bain in 1977, Ronnie too knew his days would be numbered. Originally he would speak about forming a band with new bass player Bob Daisley. While Bob was waiting around for Ronnie he would learn that Dio had joined Black Sabbath to replace Ozzy. Ironically Bob would then end up joining Ozzy to form “The Blizzard Of Ozz” band. Once Ronnie had run his course in Sabbath, and the two excellent records they would produce, both Heaven And Hell, and Mob Rules, Ronnie would end up forming his solo band. By once again joining up with Jimmy Bain who was now a much hotter commodity as he had both grown as a songwriter and keyboard player to add to his extraordinary bass playing he had almost joined the legendary band Scorpions. Thankfully for Ronnie The Scorps would pass, wanting to remain a full fledged German Band. Also bringing in the legendary Carmine Appice’s younger brother Vinny to play drums. They all would mesh perfectly with new guitar player Vivian Campbell.  
The final piece to the puzzle was Ronnie himself. On the ultimate mission his voice never sounded better or more powerful as it did on this record. So many standouts from the killer opener Stand Up And Shout. The amazing and now Classic title track. The song Gypsy, where Ronnie stretches his vocal cords to the absolute breaking point, the rocking assault of Rainbow In The Dark, etc. There is not one weak point on the whole record. A few years ago when Ronnie James Dio passed away it was one of the most devastating days in Metal Music history. Not only was he one of the greatest Frontmen, and singers to ever walk the planet, he was a great person too. One of the most generous and caring musicians in history. We are thankful that his legacy is secure for years to come from the incredible legacy he left behind. And sadly just last year Jimmy Bain also passed away, just as devastating in it’s own way. Thank goodness though we have the music that will continue to gain new fans with each passing generation. Simply stated, if you can yourself a true fan of Metal Music, and don’t have Holy Diver in your collection, you’re not a real fan.
Side One 

No. Title Music Length

1. “Stand Up and Shout” Jimmy Bain, Dio 3:18

2. “Holy Diver” Dio 5:51

3. “Gypsy” Vivian Campbell, Dio 3:39

4. “Caught in the Middle” Vinny Appice, Campbell, Dio 4:14

5. “Don’t Talk to Strangers” Dio 4:53

Side Two 

No. Title Music Length

6. “Straight Through the Heart” Bain, Dio 4:31

7. “Invisible” Appice, Campbell, Dio 5:24

8. “Rainbow in the Dark” Appice, Bain, Campbell, Dio 4:15

9. “Shame on the Night” Appice, Bain, Campbell, Dio 5:19

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