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Last year, K.K Warslut and his band Destroyer 666, were the victims of liberal metal coverage sites and their witch hunt for “racism”. This took place after their concert at Denmark’s Metal Magic Festival when K.K, after having too much to drink, went on stage and had himself a rough night. He ranted, he raved and he wanted to fight. He had to be calmed down by bandmates after he had ignited the audience’s anger and whipped it into a froth. Audience members were trying to get on stage and take him up on his challenge. It wasn’t the best night for K.K Warslut and Destroyer 666. After the show, K.K released the following statement.

“Danish friends, if you were offended by my rant at MM I get it. Obviously I was drunk but it’s only rock n roll right? in the great old tradition of confrontation and antagonism where would we be if every show was the same old tired routine. It’s a fine line to walk and sometimes we cross over into reckless territory a rock n roll show should not be a safe space…..The world keeps on turning, for now.”

When word of this got out, Social Justice Warrior metal page, MetalSucks went on the offensive and tried to dig up dirt on K.K in order to drag him through their quagmire of conjecture and virtue signaling. They labeled him a “racist d-bag” due to alleged past associations and rumors of things he may or may not have actually said. They trashed him for his drunken onstage rant in Denmark. Sound familiar? They lied, and drug him and his band through the mud for their own glorification and for “Likes” on their page. After MetalSucks posted their article, K.K Warslut and Destroyer 666 began to receive online death threats and were forced to release a statement in regard to the lies that MetalSucks were spreading about them. In typical fashion for MetalSucks, they issued an apology and took the article down. What MetalSucks and other SJW media sites don’t understand is that K.K Warslut lives on the fringes of both the metal scene and society. He and his band transcend PC culture, and can’t be confined to their narrative. They embrace the untamed, nomadic, outlaw spirit of what rock n’ roll and metal are truly about.

K.K Warslut (real name Keith K.) is the frontman and founding member of Destroyer 666. He grew up in the small industrial town of Whyalla, Australia. It’s a steel town which ironically had a tough, gritty, working class culture that revolved around metal music. It was a deeply conflicted scene. The old school, heavy metal crowd clashed with the younger generation who were embracing thrash and newer styles of metal. There was also a skinhead punk scene that was equally hated by both generations of metal-heads. At any given moment, walking down the street, someone could find themselves in a fight, or subjected to a beating depending on what side of the spectrum they represented. There was an intimate club scene, and Whyalla, with it’s small population of 20,000 residents would prove to play a vital role in the fast-growing Aussie metal scene. Whyalla was a town of bikers, hunters, misfits and rebels. I believe that this attitude and ethos are what embody the spirit of Destroyer 666’s music.

Destroyer 666 has a catalogue of five studio albums, two EP’s, one compilation, and a demo that go back to 1994. It’s an impressive discography with great music. In my opinion, they’re one of the most criminally underrated bands in the industry, but after their latest release, “Wildfire”, I think that’s going to change. This is a monumental album that will undoubtedly give them some of the notoriety they’ve worked so hard for, and deserve.

Wildfire was released on February 26, 2016 on Season of Mist records. The lineup consists of K.K Warslut, on vocals and guitar, Ro, on guitars, Felipe, on bass and Perra, on drums. All members were a part of the songwriting process on this album. “Epic”, is a word that gets thrown around a lot to describe metal albums, but in my opinion, it’s honestly the only way to describe this album in one word. Wildfire is my favorite metal release of 2016. Destroyer 666 is generally classified as a blackened-thrash band, but this album is much more than that. It has elements of black metal and thrash, but those two styles are combined with hard rock and heavy metal stylings in the vein of Motörhead and Judas Priest. The band forms all of these sounds together seamlessly to create an album that has beautiful flow to it. The track arrangement is also a major contributor to the flow of this album. The remarkable transitions from “Artiglio Del Diavolo” to “Hounds at ya Back” to “Deathblow”, are a perfect example of how well this album is put together in that regard. The guitar work consists of the kind of fast-paced, fluid harmony and soaring melody that embodies the melodic black metal sound, combined with shredding thrash, and classic hard rock riffs. K.K is a great vocalist and he covers a broad range of different sounds throughout the album. Lyrically, you’ll discover themes that include spirituality, religion and death, but the most common lyrical theme throughout the album is the aggressive, wild, and defiant attitude that is the essence of rock n’ roll and metal. Wildfire is an extraordinary album. It’s totally unique and an absolute must listen. It’s one of those albums that I think will be a welcomed addition to any metal fan’s collection, regardless of preference due to its all-encompassing sound.

It was after I read the article that MetalSucks wrote about K.K Warslut and Destroyer 666 that I decided to check this band out. After all, any band that has the kind of attitude and free spirit that triggers these guys is usually exactly what I’m looking for in a metal band. After reading about K.K Warslut, I found out that he’s a fascinating individual, with an interesting story, and Destroyer 666 are a true grit metal band with a history of real talent and great music.


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