Cursed Sun, Short Documentary On One Of Northern Ireland’s Best Metal Bands

Cursed Sun and Metal Mofos go way back to the early days of this Metal Mofos movement, 2+ years. I initially dismissed these guys as being another cookie cutter cookie-screamo band, but after some perseverance by lead man Andrew, he finally convinced me to listen to their EP, The Fall And Rise. And boy was I wrong about them, this was no cookie cutter screamo band, this was a great Metal band with a style all their own. And now they have a cool short documentary for all to watch. Check the links below the video on previous interviews/reviews we’ve done on them in the past, as well as their Facebook page. Cursed Sun is well worth your time and money.

Cursed Sun discography, available via Amazon/Itunes

Their latest, The Amygdala, available via Amazon/Itunes

Cursed Sun, Irish Metal band that brings it with some freaking power and passion

Cursed Sun, Insightful Interview With Their Vocalist Andrew Jones Cassidy

Cursed Sun: Metal, Movies, and Belfast