Cursed Sun: Metal, Movies, and Belfast

Metal Mofos’ Isaac Sauers got some questions answered by Andy Jones Cassidy of Northern Ireland’s Cursed Sun. Read the interview in full below.

Metal Mofos: It’s been about two years since your last interview with Metal Mofos. What has Cursed Sun been up to since then?

Andy: Over the last two years we have been playing away and writing this new C.D. Two years in a row now we have reached the final of Metal to the masses; which is a competition to attain a slot at Bloodstock. Bloodstock is the biggest heavy metal festival in the UK. Just missed out man. Great to play the finals though with some amazing bands.

MM: In your previous interview you mentioned you met bass player Monty on a movie set where you played a WW2 soldier. What was the movie? Do you do a lot of acting? How does a film performance differ from an on stage metal performance?

Andy: The movie was called ‘A Respite at Christmas ‘. Great experience filming on that, where I had the opportunity to shoot a real gun and we where on a battlefield with explosions etc. I do quite a bit of acting which I love. I gotta say though that I lean towards comedy roles more often than not. I am currently in a comedy group called ‘The Sick Sense ‘.

The difference between the two performances is that when I perform with the band, it’s me but turned up to 11. But the acting thing is a bit trickier where I have to become someone else.

MM: Let’s do a run through your new EP The Amygdala starting from front to back. What can you tell me about the cover art?

Andy: The idea behind the artwork comes from the name The Amygdala; which is a part of the brain that emits fear. There is an amygdala at each side of the head right near the temple. So originally I had the idea that it would be each member of the band holding two guns to our temples. Lol. To show that we where going to shoot The Amygdala because the fear was too much. Then I got to talking with Gerard Torbitt who helped create the art and the demon character, which turned out a hell of a lot better than I thought.

MM: Can you give me a run down on the lyrical concepts and writing process for your songs Breeding from Bleeding, Cataclysmic Decline, title track, and Primordial Chaos?

Andy: So the whole E.P is based on fear. Breeding from Bleeding is loosely based on the character Blade. Cataclysmic is a post apocalyptic vision of a world going to shit and the rebuilding of a better future. The Amygdala is about pure fear of The shadow man creeping toward your bed ready to crush your heart. If you have ever had a case of sleep paralysis mixed with horrific nightmares then this song tells that tale. Primordial is based around an intense power that overcomes your body and gives you the power you need to destroy your enemies. When the Darkness takes control, you lose control.

MM: How did an acoustic version of the title track come about?

Andy: I believe it was Jonny who decided he wanted to try it which I was totally up for. I have never recorded a pure vocal track like that before so it was a fresh perspective on the song. It felt right. I think the lyrics lend itself completely to an acoustic version.

MM: When I was a young teenager in the early 2000s nu metal was all the rage. Metal music was chunky down tuned chord progressions and the guitar solo was dead. The “core” rage that happened a few years after wasn’t a fan of the guitar solo either. What makes Cursed Sun want to include guitar solos in your music?

Andy: Jonny could answer this one better than I could but my take on it is, that a solo is an integral part of our music. We have one in every It boosts the song to a higher level and adds to the story of the track.

MM: What’s the metal scene like in Belfast and Northern Ireland as a whole? When we Americans think of music from your area we think of tin whistles and the like.

Andy: Lol. Yeah that whistle crap still goes on over here, but the metal scene is thriving at the minute. Some amazing bands about which is great but it also limits gigs for everyone because there are so many. Double edged sword as they say.

MM: Can you tell us about the politics of Northern Ireland in 2017? When I think of Belfast and Northern Ireland past civil conflicts and the IRA come to mind. Are the conflicts of the past still alive today?


Andy: There are still some complete morons living in the past and then there are the good people who want to move on. I hate politics and don’t follow it. Think we have lived through enough bullshit over here. It’s time to move on and wise up.

MM: What made you want to be a metal vocalist? Who is your all time favorite metal vocalist? If you can pick just one give me a top 3.

Andy: I’ve always loved to perform on stage. When I figured out I could maintain a growl or scream I decided to try it in a band. And I think it’s working out o.k. lol. Top 3? I could give you many so I will throw out a few…. Prince, Bowie, Robert Plant, Marilyn Manson, Corey Taylor and many more.

MM: What’s the best live show you saw in 2016?

Andy: Seen some cracking bands at DOWNLOAD festival but solo concerts for me; maybe U2 or the Chili Peppers. A surprise gig for me had to be, Hed P.E. my new favourite band.

MM: What can the world expect from Cursed Sun throughout the rest of 2017?

Andy: Well I hope we can gain more fans. Play bigger gigs. Maybe even a festival. And we want to unleash a few new videos.

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