Cursed Sun, Irish Metal band that brings it with some freaking power and passion


I had these guys pegged all wrong. Yup, ME! Of all people ME! I actually made a rare mistake (yeah, I know, I’m a walking mistake, but I needed a witty intro)…I completely thought these guys were something other than what my ears eventually found them to be. I first heard Cursed Sun when they sent me a link to their video for their song Unleashed, and though I somewhat liked what I heard musically, I thought the whole of the band was nothing special and I especially didn’t like the vocals. The first thing that came to mind, a mind that happens to be very biased against cookie monster vocals, and unfortunately the first seemingly negative thing that stood out was the vocals. They were way too close to cookie than I personally like, and because of that I put the band aside for a later date, thinking I had them correctly pegged as just another retread cookie monster metal band. Man, I was a complete and utterly shameful douchebag for thinking that! Shame on me…

SHAME! Shame I say!!!

Why? Because they are anything but cookie and I based my whole opinion of the band on a small sample of only one song, and the singer is anything but a death metal growler, he’s actually a very unique sounding vocalist. Thankfully the singer, yes the very one I was most critical of, continued to message me  a couple more times and was generous enough to send me a copy of their four song EP “The Fall And Rise”, and though I didn’t get a chance to listen to it until some time later, as soon as I did I was immediately in humble pie mode. I ate crow, lots and lots of crow, because these fuckers aren’t just a good metal band, they are a GREAT metal band. Man, Ireland has been bringing some excellent mature metal bands as of late, and Cursed Sun stands near the top. Once I actually listened to the whole EP I said to myself, “How did I miss this awesome shit?”

The members are:

Jones- Vocals
Ciaran- Guitar
Jonny- Lead Guitar
Monty- Bass
Chris- Drums

The musician is good with the guitars grinding out a great tone and some really really good riffs. These guys know how to construct a song, and their guitar craftsmanship brings a high level of harmony and musical cohesiveness. The rhythms by Ciaran are heavy and creative, and the solo work by Jonny is really tasteful and not overbearing as some self indulgent lead players can be. The drums are tight and powerful, precise and strong. Chris is  capable of playing some intense and demanding percussion that has a tendency to do its work following more the guitars rhythm elements than creating a pocket for him and the bass, but its stellar work, and the pockets are still there on occasion. Add the bass lines of Monty and the whole underlying bottom of the sound is heavy and carries the weight of the songs on the strong shoulders of the low frequencies. And what I previously thought was a weakness, turns out to be a strength when you give it a chance. I’m referring to Jones’ vocals. They are strong and unique, not quite death growl, not quite screamo metalcore, and not quite Thrash, but something all their own, brought with force and utterly enjoyable. Jones’s brings it, and I’m glad to have been wrong on my initial analysis. Overall a great heavy metal sonic concoction that has a unique modern sound but still recalls the greatness of the bands they are influenced by. Speaking of which, Jones was kind enough to send me a quick overview of the band:

Influences- a mixture of Lamb of God, Gojira, Entombed, Mastodon, Opeth. Thrashy, death type of stuff.

We formed in 2007 and are one of the longest existing metal bands in Northern Ireland. We’ve recorded an album and 3 E.Ps. Our music doesn’t really fit into one specific genre; it’s a mixture of Thrash, Death, groove, metalcore and a wee bit of melody for good measure.
Cheers dude. Let me know if u need any more info

Their Reverbnation page has a longer history, but Jones told me that the page is a bit outdated. Go read it if you’d like (links below), but also do yourself the favor of contacting them so as to buy their EP. It’s worthy every penny. There is no doubt these guys have built their style over time, and the maturity level of their songwriting is evident throughout.

The EP itself is composed of four songs: The Seven, Psychopath, The Last Rites, and Ascension. And I can say without equivocation that not ONE song is a filler, each is a strong contributor to the overall sonic vision of the EP. It’s weird, cause as of this writing, I don’t have one favorite, each of these four songs is just kick ass! As I’ve said in the past, I only review what I like, and then I still give an honest opinion of what I consider to be the strong points of an album. Here, I can honestly say that each song has its virtues, and each is really damn good. No faves, just a straight adrenaline rush of sound from song one to song four. The production is top notch too, tight, polished, and modern. BUY. THIS. EP. NOW!

Below are the links to their social media and a video of their excellent song Ascension. It kicks so much ass! What a great band to review to have be my first unknown, unsigned mature metal band of 2015. They deserve to be heard by a hell of a lot more metalheads worldwide. Go follow their social media and buy their EP Enjoy my brothers! \m/

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