Cursed Sun, Insightful Interview With Their Vocalist Andrew Jones Cassidy

When I started this thing, my primary target was mature metal bands that played great metal. Since I felt that the industry was pushing prepubescent crap “metal” on us despite many of us wanting something else, I knew there was a whole sector of the metal community that was being totally disrespected – The Mature Metalhead. Hence the beginning of Metal Mofos. That said, there was a standard I set early on, that the band had to have members with an average age of 30 years old and up, AND (most importantly) the music did not suck. Though I’ve expanded our reach (WITHOUT sacrificing that original vision), we’ve still been fortunate to have great mature metal bands hit us up and help us share with the metal community some of the best unknown metal out there. One of those bands was Cursed Sun, a great metal band from Northern Ireland. I asked Andrew Jones Cassidy to answer some of our questions, and he was kind enough to do so. If you haven’t gotten any of their material you most certainly should. I’ve added links to some of their music below.


Please introduce yourself and your band members. Who plays what?

Allow me to introduce myself, I’m a man of wealth and taste…. We are Cursed Sun from Belfast in Northern Ireland. The band members are: Chris on drums, Ciaran on rhythm guitar, Jonny on Lead and Monty on bass and backing vocals. I’m Jones and i am the singer.

Cursed Sun

How did you guys get formed? What is the history of the members and the band?

I started the band with a good friend of mine, Bryn in about the summer of 2007. We realised early on we wanted to be a five piece metal band so we put up posters, in shop windows etc. ( back before this social network stuff) so we awaited replies and tried many peeps out. Jonny was the next real keeper out of all the guitarists we tried and i persuaded Bryn to give ciaran a shot as i’d known him for many years and knew his commitment and drive to be in a band. We had went through many drummers until about 2010 when we realised Chris was a free agent so we gunned for him and got him. He knew it was the right move. Lol. Finally, Bryn decided to leave the band in about 2012 so we where on the hunt for someone to take over and slappa da bass. I met Monty on the set of a WWII film where i was playing an American soldier and he was the sound man on set. I seen that he had a Machine Head T-shirt on so we got to talking and he was a musician. So boom, we tried him out and he nailed the bass lines. It’s great because he can rip up some devilish backing vocals aswell as the ability to write tunes. Everyone in the band are extremely good at writing which helps.

Who or what inspires you and why? What bands inspire the band?

All music inspires me to create and push boundaries. The more i hear the more i think i need to write. I’m a story teller and like to create visuals through my lyrics, and also make the listener think. None of my lyrics are straight forward; i like to put in double or triple meanings. As for the band, i believe we have varied influences for eg bands like Machine Head, Lamb of God, Zeppelin, Prince, Metallica, Kreator and Chimaira but to name a few.

Any new releases in the works? What is the release date? Where can metalheads buy your music? How many recordings does the band have?

Our newest release ‘The Fall and Rise’, was released late 2014 but we are already working on new material. We have 3 E.Ps and an Album which can all be purchased on I’Tunes and listened to on Spotify.

If you record again, are you guys going to do this completely independently, or are you looking for label support?

I think we will end up paying for our next recording by ourselves, as usual. Lol. It would be amazing to get support from a record label or to even have a label promote or distribute our records. We will wait with bated breath.

What band would you tour with (if you could pick any) and why?

For me i would love to tour with Mudvayne… I know they aren’t together anymore so i would choose Slipknot or Lamb of God.

What gear do you guys use?

I use a sure PG58 cordless mic. I love the freedom of no attachment so i can scale each venue like my friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man. Monty uses a Harley Benton combo 150watt and an Ibanez sr500. Jonny uses a Marshall cab and head with Ibanez & Jackson guitars. Zoom effects pedal also. Ciaran uses a Hughes and Ketner Warp cab and head. With Zoom effects. Chris uses Pearl drums and Sabian cymbals.

What are the plans for the future? Any tour plans? Any upcoming shows? Let us know so we can post them on our FB Page.

Want to tour England and further abroad. Europe and America would be lethal. We have a few gigs lined up but awaiting details. The next one coming up is in Fibbers Dublin with The Nameless (Slipknot tribute). Then we plan to take over the world. Haha.

How is your new album going to differ from your first?

Our new material keeps getting heavier and more technical. Layers of Badassery. I love the stuff we have done in the past but i like to keep looking to the future and hopefully we are creating music that connects.

What is your favorite song by the band and why? 

My favourite tune at the minute is either Ascension or Psychopath from our E.P The Fall and Rise. Ascension is epic and has all elements where as Psychopath is intense and heavy as fuck. Very different to anything else.

In closing is there anything you would like to add?

Check out some of our videos on youtube. Just type in Cursed Sun Belfast. Check us on I’Tunes or Spotify. Keep er Metal!! Cheers Carlos

Thanks Andrew, for taking the time respond to our questions. Metalheads, below are some links to their social media, and their Reverbnation player.


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