Corey Taylor Hates On Phil Anselmo, Trump, And America


Corey Taylor’s right. There is a problem in Metal, but it’s not anything his feeble mind tries to propagate, the problem is political correctness pushed by social justice warriors like Corey Taylor, Metal Injection, Metal Sucks, the Notorious R.O.B.B. (Robb Flynn), etc. In a Guardian question/answer article Corey Taylor takes a dump on Metal fans and America.

“I will say this. This is a bigger problem than what happened that night. Slipknot has dedicated itself to bringing people together, to fighting racism, to fighting hate in general since the day we were started. I don’t have time for people who judge other people by the colour of their skin. If that in itself offends some of my fans, then I’m sorry, you’re wrong. I don’t ever want our fans to feel like we’re judging them because of colour, religion, culture, upbringing, etc. We welcome everyone, we always have and we always will.”

So there you go SlitNuts fans, Corey says “f*** y**!” This guy goes from Metal to full race baiter mode in a split second. That takes a special kind of talent. Notice how stupid he sounds too?

It gets even better. He takes a dump on the States.

“I know there is a problem in metal, and it all comes down to, at least in America, where you grow up and what that culture is passed on from: parents, family members, friends, adults. It’s a generational thing. I thought we were close to phasing it out, but unfortunately I was proven wrong.”

Robert Pasbani of Metal Injection must be jumping for joy, and eating an extra donut, thanks to Corey. But check out this awesome display of Trump Derangement Syndrome:

“The fact that Donald Trump is still is viable candidate makes me want to eat my fucking shoes. There are too many candidates focused on dividing us, and not enough talking about bringing us together. And that’s one of the reasons why I support Bernie Sanders. And I will never support anyone who uses racism as a passive-aggressive way to win votes.”

Racism sucks!!! Support communism!!!

That’s the mindset of this nonsensical simple minded fool. And the Metal media pushes these dummies with this pc mentality to the rest of the Metal community, trying to impose this kind of thought policing upon unsuspecting readers. It’s corrupt.

Newsflash to media! There’s a massive group of Metalheads that don’t support your attempts to push your narratives upon us. Watch as their voice is finally heard.

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— Carlos