Corey Taylor – A Simple Mind Owned By Donald Trump


I think it goes without saying that Corey Taylor is about as intelligent as dog crap on the bottom of Bernie Sanders shoe. There are few things more curious in life than of a progressive Metal artist that describes the left as the standard of unity. As if they aren’t organized into groups based on race, gender, sexual preference, nationality, and on and on. I mean, it is SELF EVIDENT that the left is a coalition of aggrieved groups who SELF IDENTIFY as whatever group they consider themselves to be a part of.

And somehow, the idiot Corey Taylor seems to think that the Marxist movement he supports is a movement of unity. Has this guy every studied the history of socialism? I know they like to hide behind the term Democratic Socialism, but at it’s core it’s still about controlling a segment of a population, if not all of it.

As he recently told Spin, he thinks that Donald Trump represents an anti-Slipknot mentality. In actuality, this dummy doesn’t understand a damn thing about Trump or the movement he now represents. His descriptions of what Trump has supported lack any understanding whatsoever. Due to this, I’ve decided to simplify it for Corey, considering he lacks brainpower.

It’s not hard, it’s simply America First, its (as in America’s people you stupid dunce) people first.
That’s it.

Here are some genius quotes of the article that show what an incredibly intelligent mind Corey has:

“Me being me…”
“the overt and sometimes subtle racism that’s coming out of these kinds of people.”
“We tend to lean more liberal just because it’s more inclusive.”
“Trump’s message is so anti-Slipknot it’s not even funny, because we have always tried to get people to stand together, and everything he does is so divisive.”

Now, the author of this political article disguised as a music article is a genius by the name of Joseph Schafer, who proceeds to push a lie with this question, “The things that gained Trump traction in the first place were his controversial statements on Hispanic and Mexican-American immigrants, so it’s funny to me that people would associate metal with that prejudice, considering so many beloved metal musicians are Latino, like Tom Araya from Slayer. ”

That is an absolute lie. What Trump was referring to is ILLEGAL immigrants, not legal law abiding ones. So right there this “journalist” shows he has an agenda. And Corey being the idiot he is just lets himself be led by the nose to the bidding of this lying “journalist”.

Somehow, this poor excuse of a philosopher can’t fathom such a thing since his mind is simply the product of years of indoctrination. You must have a strong mind to break through such idiocy, and clearly Corey “Commie” Taylor has no such strength. If you’re a SlitKnuts, er Slipknot fan I pray to God you are more intelligent than this fool.

You can waste your time reading Commie Corey Taylor’s nonsense here.
— Carlos the true king of all Metal