Convicted Fate “Get Up” Song Review

10610896_719359958137424_5025924506147260997_nWhat happens when you cross .38 Special and Megadeth? Great fucking music that’s what! This hybrid metal/rock band from North Carolina sent me a link (or one of their supporters did) on one of my requests for new metal on my Facebook page, and they almost slipped me by. That would have been tragic indeed because these motherfuckers can write! My search for great new metal is not a search for the hardest fucking band, or bands that sound like the cookie monster with a sore throat. I don’t consciously look for anything other than that underlying heavy metal music, regardless of vocal style, or any other thing associated with any subgenre. This is a search for great unknown metal regardless of what the band is categorized in. I’m not here to start a war of subgenre’s. I’m here to find great metal regardless of whatever subgenre OTHERS choose to categorize bands into.

So that brings me to Convicted Fate. What is going on in the south? They are bringing it when it comes to writing good metal and creating a sound all their own. Like much of what I’ve found, I don’t know anything about these guys other than their music, according to their website these are the members:

JR – Vocals
Brandon- Guitar, Vocals
Matt – Lead Guitar
Troy – Drums
Aaron – Bass


And as I alluded to in the first paragraph, these guys have created a unique concoction that sounds like a mixture of Southern Rock and Thrash Metal. Precise guitar work, strong drums and bass, and great vocal melodies and harmonies. There is nothing on their website or page that describes their history, or even their last names, and definitely no writing credits for this song. Maybe its a band effort? Whatever it is, they definitely have a unique style that seems effortless. Nothing forced, and they’ve mixed the precision of Thrash Metal with the looseness of Southern Rock and it works great on this song. There seems to be some good chemistry going on with these dudes. The chick flick lyrics left me a bit wanting, but it fits the mood. And the guitar solo is a nice bit of shred.

The video is okay. Cheap, nothing special, but that even has a noble attempt at style. Not bad for low budget, at least they tried to be creative. But the song is the important thing here, and it is some damn good stuff! I hope to hear more from these guys. Check out the song below, or listen to it on their website. Nice website too, but still not enough info about who these mofos are. Don’t forget to like their Facebook page and follow their Twitter feed.

Hey!!! Convicted Fate! If you guys read this, give up some more info on the band. I hope to hear more music from these guys.

Verdict: Good shit aka Does Not Suck