Conan of Exmortus Gives Metal Mofos a Rundown on the Band

If you are looking for a really heavy band with some outstanding guitar playing look no further than Exmortus.  I was blown away when I saw them live a couple months ago.  I had the opportunity to ask vocalist/guitarist Conan a few questions about the band, their music, and their 2017 plans.

Metal Mofos: How did the band first begin?

Conan : We began as kids; Mario (my cousin) and I started the band in our Middle School years. And since then, all of our bandmates have been friends that attended the same middle and high school for the most part.

MM: Who were your favorite bands growing up? Who inspired you to pick up instruments and play?

Conan: Kiss was definitely our first inspiration to perform in general. Mario and I would even dress up as Ace and Gene respectively for many Halloweens. Their stage show can hardly be topped. Considering awesome shows and high energy on stage, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Metallica, to name a few, continue to inspire us.

MM: Exmortus has a musical sound of classic metal and thrash bands from years back. Do you think this type of music, especially with shredding guitar work, is making a comeback in the music scene? Are metal fans finally tired of the downtuned, chugging rhythmic sounds of the “core” music trend?

Conan: I myself was never a fan of the “core” scene but I can and do appreciate good chugging, be it beer or heavy riffing. Also, not a very big fan of guitars being tuned so low; it pretty much gives the bass player no real purpose in the mix unfortunately. But maybe it’s not that people are tired of this trend, I just think shredders and shredder bands tend to stand out against all that rumbling because we’re tuned to be heard!

MM: What inspires Exmortus’ lyrical themes? Are you fans of fantasy literature or medieval/ancient warfare?
Conan: Life and personal experiences. We indeed love fantasy art and literature and so it’s used as a general setting for our music. I also feel much of the topics in fantasy and even in medieval times are very relate-able today. I like to think of it being not as cheesy as it may seem to most.

MM: Can you describe the feeling you had when you first saw your music for sale in a store?
Conan: I felt and continue to feel very proud to be productive. But it’s an even better feeling when I don’t see the albums there, it means it’s selling out. haha.

MM: I had the opportunity to see you on tour last month with Children of Bodom and Abbath. What is your favorite part about playing live? It looked like you were having a great time up on stage.
Conan: It’s always awesome to see an energetic crowd go crazy and mosh to our songs, but strangely enough I really enjoy watching people stare at us mouths agape. It gives me the impression that they’re actually listening to our music and really watching the performance.

MM: I’m sure touring has a tight schedule with driving from place to place. Is there ever time to stop and smell the roses or do sightseeing in the cities you travel to?
Conan: We do enjoy our days off when we can actually take a moment and observe wherever we may be at the time. We barely had a chance this last tour to visit the Grand Canyon and take a ferry in Staten Island by the Statue of Liberty and we were pretty stoked to do that finally.

MM: What are you most looking forward to about the upcoming tour with Havok?

Conan: Looking forward to touring with old friends. It makes everything easier and run more smoothly to travel in good company.

MM:Does Exmortus have anything else exciting on the books for 2017?
Conan: We are also touring Europe with Havok and Warbringer. More good company! This is our first time in the Old World as well so we’re beyond excited to be a part of this run.



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