Cinderella-Long Cold Winter : Must Own Heavy Metal/Hard Rock Albums 

Must Own Heavy Metal/Hard Rock Albums 

Artist : Cinderella

Album : Long Cold Winter

Released : May 21, 1988

Metal Mofo Album Rating : 4.5/5 (One Of The Best Sophomore Albums Of The 1980s) 
Let’s get one thing out of the way to start with. Cinderella wasn’t a good band, they were a great band. One of the best to come out of the “Glam Metal” movement. The problem is once they had started to pull away from not only the sound, but also the look, they already had that stigma with them of being more about hairspray than substance. The Philly band led by one of the best songwriters of the 1980s Tom Keifer was originally discovered in a New Jersey Club by singer Jon Bon Jovi who was so impressed with them that he helped them get their record deal at Mercury Records. Their first album “Night Songs” is a Glam Metal masterpiece, but what is really impressive is the direction they would take on their second record. 
From the moment the album “Long Cold Winter” was released, it was evident that Cinderella had not only survived the “sophomore jinx” but musically they had grown by leaps and bounds. They were already showing signs of stepping away from the whole “Hair band” or “glam” sound, with a more hard rock bluesy sounding album reminiscent of The Rolling Stones, or Aerosmith in the 1970s. Songs like Gypsy Road, the excellent Coming Home, and the title track show the movement towards this sound that actually was celebrated with this album, because it became so successful like the debut. 
Of the four studio records the band made Long Cold Winter may be the best example of their greatness, but in reality even though their final two albums Heartbreak Station, and Still Climbing might be two of the best albums that the hard rock fans never heard, or have given a chance. By then fans were hearing with their eyes, not ears. Cinderella should’ve been given a pass during the whole grunge phase, but sadly they weren’t. That being said we still have the four excellent albums, plus Tom Keifer’s excellent solo albums to play, and remember the sounds and songs of a truly great band. Long Cold Winter had aged beautifully, and sounds better than ever today. It’s a record that deserves praise. 


All songs are written by Tom Keifer, except where noted. (Copyright Eve Songs, Inc. & Chappell & Co.-ASCAP)
“Bad Seamstress Blues/Fallin’ Apart at the Seams” – 5:19

“Gypsy Road” – 3:55

“Don’t Know What You Got (Till It’s Gone)” – 5:56

“The Last Mile” – 3:51

“Second Wind” – 3:59

“Long Cold Winter” – 5:24

“If You Don’t Like It” – 4:10 (Tom Keifer/Eric Brittingham; Eve Songs, Inc.-Chappell & Co., Brittingham Music & PolyGram Music Publishing Inc.)

“Coming Home” – 4:56

“Fire and Ice” – 3:22

“Take Me Back” – 3:17

Jesse Vejar

Jesse Vejar

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