Chevelle – Wonder What’s Next – 25 Days of Christmas Metal Countdown Day 15

Metal Mofos’ Isaac Sauers gives us a holiday treat as he counts down 25 days till Christmas with 25 of his favorite must own metal and hard rock albums. Join us daily through December 25th to read the latest entry.

Chevelle was formed by brothers Pete (guitar, lead vocals), Sam (drums), and Joe (bass, backing vocals) Loeffler in their suburban Chicago home in 1995. In my opinion they are one of the best hard rock bands of the 21st century and royalty in the alt-metal category.

I bought Chevelle’s debut album, Point #1, when it was relatively new back in 1999 after reading about it in a magazine. I really liked it and, it become one of my favorite CDs in my small but growing collection. I remember playing songs such as “Prove to You”, “Mia”, and “Long” over and over again.

Fast forward to 2002. I remember being in the car and hearing this really good song on the radio, and though to myself, wow this really sounds like Chevelle. As soon as the song was over the radio DJ announced, that was the new single “The Red” by Chevelle. I was so excited this band I liked so much was coming out with new music. I couldn’t wait to get their new album which would be released October 8, 2002 and titled Wonder What’s Next.

I loved this album when it came out, and I still crank up these tunes now and again. I thought it was even better than their debut, and it was even heavier. The guitars just seemed louder, and they really had that low end crunch as Pete Loeffler learned to tune down his guitar a couple steps to achieve a thicker, heavier sound. This album came together really well, and it is well deserving of it’s Platinum award.

Chevelle became well known on modern rock radio with their huge hit first single off this album, “The Red” and the even more popular “Send the Pain Below” which reached #1 on the Billboard Modern Rock Tracks and Mainstream Rock Tracks. If you were listening to the radio in 2002-2003 you heard those two songs all the time. Chevelle’s music was even featured in video game soundtracks.

While this album is well known for those hit singles let’s not forget songs with a heavier edge such as the opener, “Family System”, the title track “Wonder What’s Next”, “Forfeit”, and “Grab Thy Hand”. These songs all have some really heavy grooves and Pete Loeffler can wail out a scream with the best of them. These heavy songs really make the album great, and bring a ton of energy to live shows. “Forfeit” is still a live staple for the band.

Youngest brother Joe left the band following the release of their third album, This Type of Thinking Could Do Us In. Pete and Sam continued on with the band with their brother in law Dean Bernardini joining them eventually (talk about keeping it all in the family). Chevelle released their eighth studio album The North Corridor on July 8th.



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