Calgary Police Warn Metal Music Could Be Synonymous With Hate Groups

Metal is back in the mainstream news, this time for being a go-to staple for hate groups. Leaving no art untouched, Calgary Police have assembled a handy pamphlet to help explain why little Johnny is such a hateful asshole. The pamphlet, entitled, ‘Signs Of A Child Being Part Of A Hate Group’ states,

‘…playing loud, heavy rock music with violent lyrics’ could very well mean the listener is engaged in a hate group.’

Said a spokesperson with the Calgary Police,

We’re not saying all people who listen to rock music are part of hate groups, but there tends to be a correlation — people who are involved with hate groups tend to be involved in that kind of music.’

Not to perpetuate unnecessary hysteria, I do have a basic understanding of their point. It is absurd at first glance, but it would be a bit tough to justify listening to Cannibal Corpse for the positive message. You know as well as I do, metal heads are among the most grounded, kind, and open-minded fans out there. No demographic of listeners is perfect, but it’s up to us to keep it that way. That said, always do your best to be an ambassador of our art: the world has plenty of Johnny Assholes as it is.
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Ben Borcher

Ben Borcher

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Ben Borcher