Brazil’s Grey Wolf Merges Heavy Metal with Conan the Barbarian

Metal Mofos’ Isaac Sauers was recently in touch with Grey Wolf founder Fabio Paulinelli to talk about the band and their latest album Glorious Death

Metal Mofos: What inspired you to start Grey Wolf? Where does the name Grey Wolf Come from?

Fabio Paulinelli: Well, what inspired me was the passion for Heavy Metal and the fact that I always wanted to do this mix of Heavy Metal with torn vocals and epic themes. The name GREY WOLF I took from the history in  the Conan comics. The name was Grey Bears in the comics and belonged to a Cimmerian clan. I thought Wolf would sound stronger and decided to change it.

MM: What bands inspired you to want to play music? When did you first start to play bass guitar?

FP: The band that inspired me to play some kind of instrument was Iron Maiden, one of the bands from my roots. The choice of Bass has stayed pretty obvious as I started playing in 1994. In other words, I did have learned almost nothing since then haha!.

MM: Your newest album Glorious Death has a lot of songs dealing with Conan the Barbarian. How did you decide on this concept for the album? Are you a big fan of the Stories and Arnold Schwarzenegger films?

FP: Yes, of course. I’m a big fan of Conan. I have collected the magazines/comics since I was 9 years old.  I never stopped. My first contact with the character was in the first 1982 film with Arnold. So this lyrical approach is more than natural.

MM: Can you tell me about your song writing process? What does it take to write a good heavy metal song?

FP: The first thing I compose are the guitar lines. My instrument, the bass I leave for last, incredible as it may seem.  I’ll create the rest of the music after the guitar parts are finished. I think writing a good song Heavy Metal comes from within, but a good musical influence is also very important. You need to have good metal roots.


MM: Your music is very much styled like heavy metal music was in the 1980s. What made you decide to play this style of metal instead of current trends?

FP: Look, I am very happy and honored to hear that because it is my favorite style. The 80’s are unsurpassed. It’s what’s best in terms of heavy metal. So it was not a matter of choice. Only flowed naturally.

MM: Heavy Metal appears to be largely popular in Brazil and other parts of South America. How does heavy metal fit into the culture of Brazil? Can you describe the typical metal fan from Brazil? Does heavy metal music get a lot or radio play in Brazil?

FP: Unfortunately this country is what I would call the champion of the world in cultural garbage. The culture here is Samba and Football. A disgrace. The only thing that saved us here are the fans of Heavy Metal, these  faithful fans. It takes a really passionate person to lead a metal band in this culture.  It becomes a way of life. The real Brazilian metal fan is passionate. Most metal fans here listen to metal radio stations online. Web Radios are enough.

MM: What do you think sets Brazilian heavy metal apart from the rest of the world?

FP: Look, there are many good bands here , but it is a lot of wasted talent. If this country of misfortune would invest in culture, music in schools, I think that amount of great bands and popularity would be higher still, but unfortunately the government is more concerned about stealing and not invest in education and culture.


MM: The majority of my readers live in the United States. Can you tell us some fun facts about Brazil? What are some favorite Brazilian foods and drinks? Are you a big soccer fan? 

FP: Well, I’m not what you might call a typical Brazilian. I hate Samba and Football. I hate this government. Thieves and murderers. Thieves because they steal public money. Killers because they let the poor die in hospital queues by diverting funds intended for health. I enjoyed football in my childhood. Those were different times. There used to be love for the shirt and the club, and for the players. Today the teams only think about money. There is no love to the shirt. As for the food, the most appreciated are the Feijoada and the Drover Beans among others. The Brazilians love beer. I do not, however. I prefer to buy Heavy Metal music over buying beer haha! Sorry for the harsh words, but I’m not the least bit patriotic.

MM: Do you have any tour dates coming up soon?

FP: Not for now. I have an injury on my right hand, and that is preventing me from playing at this time. It is an old injury, but over time it has worsened. I’m kinda away for now because of this problem. Let’s see what the future holds.

MM: What is your favorite song from Glorious Death?

FP: Wow, that is a difficult question . They are all my children Haha! Well, I really like “Conan the Liberator”, “The Axe Will Rule The Kingdom”, and “Glorious Death”. They are the least bad in my opinion haha!

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