Blythe Says it’s Time to Take a Break

Randy Blythe had the chance to sit down with Nikki Sixx and reflect on the past couple years of his career. He was candid about how taxing life and career had been since his arrest and acquittal of manslaughter in the Czech Republic. He said in the Sixx Sense interview, 

I went from jail to home to, ten days later, being at Knotfest to home for a month or two, then out on tour with LAMB OF GOD, then back to the Czech Republic to go to trial, found not guilty, then come home, then finish up the rest of our tour and finally end in South Africa.’

All this followed by the recording and tour-support of their 2015 album, ‘VII: Sturm Und Drang’. Randy has divulged that he is ready for a break at the end of 2017’s touring season with Slayer and Behemoth,

 ‘…it’s time to take a break for real and concentrate more on writing and being at home with the family…’

 Whatever that means, we wish Randy and LoG all the best in the off-season.

Ben Borcher

Ben Borcher

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Ben Borcher