Black Sabbath-Sabotage : Must Own Heavy Metal/Hard Rock Albums

Must Own Heavy Metal/Hard Rock Albums :

Artist : Black Sabbath 

Album : Sabotoge

Released : July 28, 1975 

M.M. Album Rating : 4.5/5 (The Last True Classic Record With The Original Lineup.) 

One thing that truly annoys me about most radio/music television stations is they only paint a part of the picture from legendary artists. For instance when they talk about about the band Black Sabbath, it’s usually about one album, the masterpiece “Paranoid”. That’s all fine and dandy, but they seem to ignore everything else from the original lineup, which is a travesty because in reality the first six Sabbath albums are all classics deserving of recognition. That being said, the one that seems to be overlooked the most is the final classic album from the original lineup released in 1975 called “Sabotage”. 

Made at a time the band was going through legal problems from their former manager, which inspired the name of the album, and also a heavier sound than the previous two records, this has become to many (including me personally) the favorite record the original band made. Coming off the excellent “Sabbath Bloody Sabbath” which was more of a mix of a hard rock/progressive sound, even including the great keyboard player Rick Wakeman, this was more of a return to form of the earlier records. Not that the band wasn’t experimenting, because they still were. Including the blatant attempt at a top 40 hit that fell flat “Am I Going Insane (Radio)” and the song with a choir “Supertzar”.  

The rest of the record though is Sabbath at their very best. including what maybe their greatest song “Symptom Of The Universe”, one of the greatest heavy metal songs ever written. The song “Megalomania” sounds as scary as it looks, lol. Even Ozzy was allowed to write lyrics on the final track “The Writ” which was directed at their former manager ripping them off. It seems kind of hypocritical now, especially since Ozzy as a solo artist, with his wife Sharon have ripped off musicians that have worked for them since. But it’s still a great song, and a perfect end to the record. It’s hard to believe that the band would self-destruct within a couple of years. Thank goodness though (even with the terrible album cover) we got Sabotage before it all fell apart.

Tracks : 

All songs written by Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler, Ozzy Osbourne and Bill Ward.

Side 1 

1. “Hole in the Sky” – 3:59

2. “Don’t Start (Too Late)” – 0:49

3. “Symptom of the Universe” – 6:29

4. “Megalomania” – 9:46

Side 2

1. “Thrill of It All” – 5:56

2. “Supertzar” – 3:44

3. “Am I Going Insane (Radio)” – 4:16

4. “The Writ” – 8:09

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Jesse Vejar

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