Black Sabbath Could Release Live Album of Final  Birmingham Performance.

Black Sabbath has only just completed their farewell tour, ‘The End.’ One of the most influential bands on the planet, Black Sabbath spooled up their last tour in their hometown of Birmingham. The band may still record, but as it were, there will be no more touring. 

Tony Iommi himself told NBC News, that the band could possibly release a live album of the final Birmingham performance. He is in the midst of the arduous mixing process. The audio and footage will be part of a documentary, but could also be released as a live album. Fingers crossed!

 Sabbath are not without lineup strife, or personal tragedy. Although in remission, Tony was diagnosed with cancer in 2011. The ailment would ultimately lead to the end of his touring career. Take heart, though, Mr. Iommi stated,

 “I’m certainly not retiring from playing and doing stuff.”

 Whatever that means, we are more than anxious. All the very best to Black Sabbath and their newfound free time off the road.

Ben Borcher

Ben Borcher

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Ben Borcher