Behemoth Joins the Coffee Crowd

Nathan Explosion be damned! With coffee lines becoming as popular as beer among metal entrepreneurs, Behemoth has just rolled out a line of coffee, and it sounds diabolically delicious. A post from the band’s merch outlet shows an image and quick review of the 100% Arabica, err, make that ‘Satanica‘ coffee- blacker than the blackest black, times infinity!

Said @behemothwebstore about the evil beans,

Well we would lie if we said we are not coffee addicts. Tasting the Behemoth coffee for the first time (as the blend has been chosen by Nergal) and it smells and tastes absolutely delicious!! Can’t wait to hear your opinions – in the store next week!! Graphic design by Bartek R / #coffee #behemoth #behemothlegions #behemothwebstore #nergal #inferno #orion #seth #messenoire’

I wonder what would happen if you brewed with holy water? Drink up, minions. And, because I care about you, have a look at the Duncan Hills Coffee jingle for old time’s sake:

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