Anthrax’s Scott Ian Begs Lady Gaga For Star Power

Anthrax’s Scott Ian, being the follower he’s always been, now is begging to borrow star power from Lady Gaga. Of course some of you may say that Metallica did the same, but you would be a fool for saying that because Metallica is bigger than Lady Gag. But Scott has to grovel for attention.

“Let us be your backing band. Let us be your backing band, Lady Gaga. We could make beautiful music together.” Scott Ian.

The best thing that Scott could do, instead​ of screaming to be relevant again, is to write an excellent Metal album that will leave us all in awe, something along the lines of The Sound Of White Noise, one of the best Metal albums of the 90’s. Oh, and also bring John Bush back, that dude has some grit to his voice, he’s the best vocalist Anthrax ever had.

You know what else I’m waiting for? I’m waiting for Scott Ian to apologize for his racist work with SOD and MOD, which makes anything Phil Anselmo’s done seem like childs play. Man up Scott! And don’t forget to give to one of Phil’s favorite charities after you publicly apologize. And as of this moment, Metal Injection and Metal Sucks still haven’t called Scott Ian on his past racist work. Hypocritical pendejos.

Watch the whole interview by Duke TV below if you want to waste some time. Not saying Duke TV isn’t cool, I’m saying that Scott Ian is an idiotic waste of space.