An Evening With Elgibbor

Metal Mofos’ Isaac Sauers chatted with black metal artist Fire about his project Elgibbor and their upcoming new release Roots of Blood.

Metal Mofos: Tell me about Elgibbor:

Fire: El means God in Hebrew and Gibbor means almighty. So Elgibbor is God Almighty. I took this name because it came to me when I studied the Bible and studied Hebrew and thought it was a cool name for my project. Gibbor can also mean warrior which sounds even more metal.

MM: How long have you been doing Elgibbor? 

Fire: Since around 1996-1998. Prior to that I had been playing in some Satanic black metal bands in Poland before then, but then God found me and changed my life. It took a little while but I decided I want to make this music again with a message I believed in. 

MM: How did you first get into black metal?

Fire: When I was a kid, maybe 8 years old, the whole metal, rebel thing just came to me. I grew up in the Communist time and we didn’t have much music in the stores. I found Black Sabbath and Venom. Venom was the first one. Metal was just a part of my life. I just always liked music and played guitar. I was involved with some bands. I played black metal and even some Nazi black metal which was even more rebellious. Then I just got tired of this life. My ex-drummer told me about God. I thought he was crazy at first and took some kind of medicine because I was very anti-God at the time. That was 1996 and God showed me who he really was. This changed my whole point of view about rebellion. Jesus was the real rebel. Religious people hated him, but he was real. He spoke the truth.  

I decided I didn’t want to play music for like two years. God talked to me and let me know I could still use my talents and make this music I wanted with the message I wanted. I’m a rebel that way. That’s why Elgibbor started. 


MM: It’s just you in Elgibbor. Do you play all the instruments on your albums?

Fire: Yes, but sometimes I have guest players from different bands. I like to leave it open. It’s mostly my solo project. Drums guitars and everything. 

MM: Do you have a favorite instrument to play?

Fire: I like to play many instruments but I think lately my favorite is guitar. I like to test different amps and different effects. Every song is a bit different in this way. I believe every song should be special. I like experimenting with different instruments, effects, pickups, etc.

MM: What’s your favorite guitar you’ve played?

Fire: Hard to choose I have like 10 guitars. I like all of them. Lately it’s been a Gibson Fututa with 57 pickups. It’s not too heavy and they did a pretty good job. I have some Ibanez guitars with DiMarzzio pickups. I like those pickups a lot. I like a lot of different strings. I think every guitar has different strings on it. I also have a Kramer Focus 1000 guitar from the 80s. It has just one pickup. Eddie Van Halen was playing those guitars. 

MM: Who are some of your biggest musical influences? Your music reminds me a lot of early Darkthrone and Burzum. 

Fire: I like old Burzum a lot, but I think my biggest influences are Bathory, Celtic Frost, and Venom. 

MM: So new album Roots of Blood coming soon. Tell me a bit about this album. What can we expect?


Fire: Every song was recorded at a different time with different instruments and different mastering. I’m always talking with guys from other black metal bands about how black metal is supposed to sound. I destroyed the clean sound. I like to find different dirty raw sounds. 

MM: What are your favorite songs on the new album?

Fire: I like “Armageddon” a lot. The drums on that song were played by a good friend of mine from Colorado. I also really like “The Blood”, the first song on the album and the last one I made. I also really like “Repent One Day Before You Die”. The lyrics there are pretty cool. “The Vision of Darkness” is good. I like them all!

MM: How do you record your albums?

Fire: I have a home studio in my basement. My wife gets upset with me because there’s like 10 amps down there. The drums are down there. Friends come over and jam. My wife thinks there’s an earthquake. My vocals are all natural. I don’t use effects. My wife says they can hear me on the other side of the street. My music has a strong message so it can’t be done quietly! 

MM: Do you ever play live? 

Fire: Not with Elgibbor, but I play live with other bands. I play bass in the band Frost Like Ashes. I played with them at Cornerstone Festival which is now called Audiofeed. 


MM: How many Elgibbor albums have there been now? Like 10 or 11?

Fire: Oh man I don’t even know. Some of my friends will be like, oh yeah I still have his CD, and I’m like how do you have that? I don’t even have that. I’m in talks about re-releasing some older material. 

MM: You also do the artwork for your albums right?

Fire: Yeah, I do. Some I draw and paint. I do some remodeling of other pictures. 

MM: That’s awesome. Thank you for speaking with me and I’m looking forward to the new album! 

  Roots of Blood should be released around Christmas by Vision of God Records. Pre-order the album through the link below:


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