Alt-Rap & Sloppy Guitarist Tom Morello aka “Comrade Morello” Displays The Deep Stupidity Of The Cultural Marxists

I don’t even think Tom ‘Comrade’ Morello even understands what he’s saying.

First, the coward.

It was so afraid to give us “publicity” that he couldn’t even bring itself to retweet my tweet. So it went full Cultural Marxist and instead pulled the coward card. Which immediately showed he’s anything BUT Metal.

Somehow @HotMetalTakes thought it could shame us, lol. As if we aren’t proud to be the lone voice of Free Speech in Metal.

So this loser’s tweet gets picked up by Alt-Rapper & and all around sloppy guitarist Tom ‘Comrade’ Morello.

Now, think of this for a second (and a second is all it should take for anyone with an IQ above 5), Comrade Morello is saying that all those things I point out belong in Metal because HE has supported it in his weak music. The liberal social nonsense aside, there are two things that stand out and prove the point that Metal Mofos has said from the beginning – The Left in all of The Arts supports the suppression of free speech.

Comrade Morello, by his own admission states that both Socialism and Free Speech suppression are components of Metal.

That my friends is not only stupid, but dangerous. To not support Free Speech and to call yourself a Metal artist is a contradiction in terms that need not even be explained. Except maybe to Comrade Tom.

Thankfully, Comrade Morello isn’t Metal, he’s an Alt-Rap Rocker that hides his sloppy guitar playing with tons of effects, so no, despite his claims he isn’t anything close to Metal.

Now to address this point by this other dummy.

So apparently this bot thinks I’m telling people what not to write, say, or support. No dummy, I’m not. I’m saying that the roots of Metal have nothing to do with Cultural Marxism, and all the things that I listed are key components of the Left. Pendejo’s are free to support/write/say whatever they want, but to think that it has ANYTHING to do with the rebellious genre that Metal was founded as is to showcase a stupidity few are capable of displaying.

Talk about it all you want, but understand that it stands in contradiction to Metal. All those things listed are the commercialized social justice warrior concepts that are adopted by the dominant leftist culture.

They are all sellout positions.

Metal doesn’t sell out, it stands in contradiction to the World.

And Metal Mofos DEFINES Metal, so we stand in contradiction to those things as well.

The cultural counter-revolution cannot be stopped. El Presidente aka World Emperor Trump has given us the power and the platform to fight back against the socially backwards Cultural Marxists that took over Metal.

The Force is with us.