Album Review: Dream Tröll, ‘The Witch’s Curse’ EP

I’ve written about the UK’s, Dream Tröll a time or two. I believe they’re a breath of fresh air in a world where Heavy Metal can take itself a bit too seriously at times. I should be clear that in no way am I suggesting this band doesn’t take their art seriously, but there is an element of sincerity in their sound that reaches beyond a persona, and straight into the love of the music, itself. Simply put, Dream Tröll is an energetic troupe with some serious chops worthy of praise.

Their latest EP, ‘The Witch’s Curse‘ is no exception. The piece is short and to the point, and will drop less than a year after their full-length masterpiece, ‘The Knight of Rebellion‘ -proving, not only does Dream Tröll have the creativity, but the work ethic to keep turning out good music. Drive trumps talent, but combining both makes for great music.

The Witch’s Curse‘ is chock full of sonic riffs and driving drums from the second it starts. Production is solid, and the band takes metal-fantasy story telling to the next level. Their sound has matured a bit, but guitars still sear, Simon’s feet get to show off a bit more, and the melodies are still catchy as hell. I think I even heard some synth. Dream Tröll does some of their best work in the chorus- vocals and guitars pair so well in, ‘The Battle of Enki’s Tower,‘ you’ll get tears in you eyes. Did I mention the melodies?

Presale for, ‘The Witch’s Curse‘ is available now with posters going to the first 100 orders. Release is set for February 2nd on their own label.

Look into this band. My kids even like them. The single, ‘The Battle of Enki’s Tower,’ is featured below. Their stuff is everywhere from an interactive social media campaign, to their page. Happy listening.


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