Adler-Enhanced Nitro Taps Victor Wooten for Bass on New Album

Remember Nitro? Glam, Freight Train, Nitro? Well, they’ve reformed-with an insane lineup. Poised to melt your face with their comeback record, Chris Adler will drum, and the almost-immortal Victor Wooten will lend his bass talent. Arguably one of the greatest bass players on the planet, Wooten has popped up from time to time in the metal world, perhaps most recently with his super-prog group, Octavision.

Not to overshadow any of Nitro’s current talent- Michael Angelo Batio is, himself, a savant, but having Wooten on your roster is like showing up to the playground with the ’96 Bulls on your team.

Said Wooten:

“I’m so happy to be included as part of the new NITRO project. I’ve been a fan of Michael Angelo Batio for decades, [and] Jim Gillette and Chris Adler are just as amazing. They’re causing me to have to step up my game. Fans will be thrilled to hear what we are coming up with, I’m really excited about it!”

The otherwise stoic Adler contributed,

“I have been in awe of Victor for many, many years. His musical gifts, which are second to none, are matched by his ability to inspire. I am giddy, humbled and amazed to have the chance to share music with, and learn from, him…”

Adler, giddy? This is going to be a good one. More on a release as it nears. Until then, take the time to watch one of Wooten’s solos:


Transcription credit, Blabbermouth.

Ben Borcher

Ben Borcher

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Ben Borcher