Welcome to Metal Mofos!

We are dedicated to bringing the mature metal bands you don’t know about that don’t suck! As well as the greats that truly have shaped and helped to define metal, all packaged in occasional shit talking and politically incorrect humor.

Our whole concept is one of bringing the best mature metal has to offer to a metalheads the world over. The powers that be in the industry target the young with young bands, even though they may be shit on a popsicle stick. And that’s understandable enough, because young minds are easily manipulated and with enough good marketing they can make anything sound like its good to a young stupid mind. Keep in mind I said young STUPID minds, as not all young minds are stupid, some know and keep the flame of metal alive, flipping the bird to the major labels that ignore heavy metal as has been defined.

So a quick definition of what we mean by mature metal bands. The formula is this: The average age of the band members must be 30 years old or older. Say the members are 27, 29, 33, 31 and 32. Average it out and the band members average age is 30.4, that means its a mature metal band that if the music is good,will get covered by us. But remember, there are caveats to all things, so if there’s a young band that’s bad ass and has a mature mental attitude, then they WILL get covered too. These are the general guidelines, but rules were meant to be broken right? 😉

So join us in this journey towards reestablishing what metal was defined to be, kicking faggoty emo ass to the curb, and giving the spotlight to those that truly deserve it. Those that have paid the price through attrition and receive little recognition, the mature metal motherfucker!

Metal lives \m/