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1358096641_229649237157674_145111273_nRent Veil was an early discovery of great mature metal when I started Metal Mofos. They really stood out due to the quality of the music, the good production, and the positive message. I found the sometimes overtly spiritual message to be refreshing in a metal world full of dark subject matter. Don’t get me wrong, I greatly enjoy the dark serious material but I love when I see a band having the balls to stand counter to the wave and just give me something unexpected. Tym Walker is the founder of the band and I found his journey from death metal to southern metal very interesting. Because of the unique journey I sent him a few questions to give us the downlow on how he got from there to here.

Where does Rent Veil get its influences from? What inspires the songwriting, the musical direction, etc.

I feel that my songwriting influences range from my early roots in southern rock all the way through my career in death metal. Bands such as Blackfoot & Molly Hatchet progressing toward bands such as Overkill & Dark Angel all the way to Suffocation & Malevolent Creation. And of course, lyrical inspiration is Bible / Faith based. The direction is based on all of this wrapped into one big vision that I was given. And I do my best to never stray from that vision which is a southern metal road.

What’s in the works for the future of the band recording wise?

Recording wise I am wishing, hoping and praying we can have at least 3 new songs available before March ’15 and continue producing tracks until we have a 10-13 song offering to release in 2015. I almost have that much unrecorded material ready at this time. We may actually do the recording on our own via 24 track ports studio. It won’t come off as polished as it would if we shelled out $200 per song, but I believe it will work although it will be more raw. And I am a fan of a raw, almost under produced sound, in the vein of Zakk Wylde’s Pride & Glory effort. One thing I am adamant about is keeping it real! Trying to not record anything that we can’t pull of live and keeping within that “live sound” realm. For instance, I don’t record rhythm guitar behind solos, its cheezy lol.

Give us a run down of your gear?

My gear is pretty simple and a shot away from the “cookie cutter” idea or trend. I try to buy American and have done well except for a few pieces that I just couldn’t beat sound wise or price wise buying American. Let’s start with guitars! I love my fiddles lol!
Gibson Les Paul Classic Plus Top Limited in Trans Ebony
Gibson Les Paul Signature T in Alpine Whieburst
Gibson Explorer 1968 Reissue in Classic White
Epiphone Firebird that I have modified the crap out of and call it my “rat rod relic”
Dean ML Chicago Flame Series in Trans Brazillia Burst
Taylor 214ce in Tobacco Sunburst

All electrics have DiMarzio Super 3 bridge pickups
Neck pickup wise I prefer DiMarzio Humbucker From Hell in the Les Paul’s and DiMarzio PAF Pro in the solid mahogany bodies (without maple tops). I do have a DiMarzio Super Distortion in the Neck of the Dean and it works great.
I use DR DDT strings on all electrics.
.010-.052 on all except the Firebird which gets .010-.060 due to playing in drop B.
I use Elixir .012-.056 (I think that’s the gauge lol) on the Taylor acoustic.
I also currently use Dunlop Tort ex Wedge 1mm picks but will be switching to InTune Max Grip picks soon.

I use a slightly modified Laney Iron heart 120 head for my heavy stuff and an old Peavey XXL for my clean channel. My pedal board consists of a Voodoo Labs amp selector, Korg Pitch black tuner, Dunlop Crybaby From Hell wah, MXR Smart Gate, MXR Wylde Overdrive, MXR Black Label Chorus & a Dunlop DC Brick to power it all. Now, I am a guy that absolutely despises using “signature” gear, no matter whose name is on it. But I got the “signature” pedals at a price I couldn’t ignore lol.

Oh, I almost forgot… I use 3 Seismic Audio 4×12 cabs.

And a Peterson Strobe Tuner. Geesh!

Thanks Tym for taking the time to give us a little insight into your great band.

Check out their music here.

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RentVeil

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