A few questions with Convicted Fate/Hephystus’ Troy Surratt

Convicted-Fate-Get-UpConvicted Fate is a great example of what happens when you get different elements together and it just fits. This band is a project that was a bit of fluke of destiny. I wanted to know how it came together, so I asked the drummer Troy Surratt about it and he was kind enough to respond. Check it out below.

Before we get into Convicted Fate, could you give me a history of Hephystus? How did it come together? The history of the band.

“Hephystus was started back in 2008. It is the 3rd band Brandon matt and myself have been in together. We were originally a 5 piece but after a couple of bass players and 2 keytar players we settled as a 4piece going into our second record. The way the writing was going we felt it was no longer a fulltime position so we just program the key stuff now.

We have done some east coast touring and opened for a ton of big acts locally. Jamie king did out first record (between the buried and me, he is legend, the human abstract, and many more since we recorded with him. Kyle Odell produced and recorded our 2nd record

Our 3rd record will be a concept album we started working on before we started writing fragmenting shadows but decided it was too dark and different from burn the page to release as a 2nd album”

So now to Convicted Fate, that to my surprise it was revealed to me that this is actually a project of sorts. One part being the band Hephystus, the other being Justin Reich, who’s an artist/designer for Hephystus. Can you give a history of how this came together?

“I showed Justin two new hephystus songs we had been working on when he came over for 4th of July and really dug them…we had talked in the past about a side project briefly. He asked me a day or two later to send him those songs. Then he sent them back to us with him singing over it. We all heard it and loved it…Convicted Fate was born!

We jammed that next Friday night and it felt so right we were literally in the studio the following Wednesday tracking get up and let this go”

Watch the video below. Catchy southern metal at its finest.