DragonForce Answering Fan Wishes for Epic Song


Our friends in the fantasy power metal band, DragonForce, have teased a bit more about what fans can expect on the new album. ‘Reaching Into Infinity’ is a ‘continuation of the last album, Maximum Overload.’ Stated guitarist Herman Li in an interview with Moshpit.

He added that DragonForce is always trying to evolve their music and that “Reaching Into Infinity’ is yet another chapter.

‘We do have a few things that people haven’t heard, of course,’ said Li in regards to the album’s evolution.

For fans in search of that epic, half-hour DragonForce ballad, you are nearing your wish. Li also dished that the album will feature a ‘really long, epic song that we have been thinking about and we finally achieved it.’

But will the song make it to the master’s bracket of Guitar Hero? Only time will tell. Reaching Into Infinity drops on May 19th. Here’s hoping for a huge tour to support it!


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Ben Borcher

Ben Borcher

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